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Useful Links

BlueLetter Bible: There are many sites where you can do Bible-study online. BlueLetter Bible is most user-friendly and least dogmatic of them all. Watching Greek letters take shape on your screen is worth a visit.

Y-Jesus: As the arrow of time flies toward its final mark, questions about the most revolutionary individual who ever lived become more pointed and more important.  Y-Jesus lays it out in plain language.  Make up your own mind.

TheGutenbergProject   Outstanding resource!  20,000 online books dealing with spiritual or "supernatural" aspects of being a human being.

Andrew Murray.   Mr. Murray was a preacher in South Africa during the 19th and early 20th century.  In his writings, Mr. Murray explains how a human being on planet Earth (a living Soul!) is supposed to have a relationship with The Living God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob.  God is Eternal.  The living Soul is too.  Mr. Murray explains how it all fits together.    

A Wikipedia List of "god" and "religions":  Some of the info on Wikipedia is inaccurate and suspicious.  Some of it is accurate and useful.  This list is useful.

New Advent  The Catholic Encyclopedia.  Articles about every religious topic under the sun. Of course the Vatican's "agenda" is present, but the information surrounding the agenda is invaluable.

Commentary Critical and Explanatory on the Whole Bible (1871)  Absolutely classic.

Young's Literal Translation of The Bible  Mr. Young's idea of what it all really means in English.  Surprising in some places, disappointing in others.  Such is life.

The Tabernacle Place  A comprehensive over-view of the Old Covenant tabernacle.  Christ sums up and fulfills the old covenant in the New Testament of His Blood.

The Supernaturalist  A text-only site packed with information about the character of spiritual, i.e. supernatural things.  From here on Earth we do indeed "see through a glass, darkly."  But the Light is getting brighter.  If you like to read, check it out.

WorldInvisible.Com   Gigantic collection of inspiring information including video clips hosted by an Irishman.

From Googlebooks:  "The Pentateuch" by Edwin Cone Bissell.  Great scholarship and great writing equal a genuine work of art.  The Googlebook initiative allows many to see the documentation upon which modern Western culture was built.  Dr. Bissell is one of the more compassionate historians; he knows that history is about people.

From Googlebooks:  "The Apocrypha of the Old Testament" by Edwin Cone Bissell.  More great history-writing by Dr. Bissell.  Gives an overview of events leading up to the first coming of Christ beginning around the time of Alexander the Great.  Dr. Bissell's amazing grasp of the subject and skill as a writer brings history to life.

WorldLinks from WorldTribune.Com   A page from a huge site that contains links from all over.  Thinktanks, political orgs, you-name-it.  Helps you find out where the opinionmakers get their opinions.

The Lynch Online Guide to Good Grammar   Rutgers Associate Professor Jack Lynch deals with many aspects of modern grammar, written and spoken.  Without clear communication, ideas languish.

Global Intelligence Gathering Service  The name of the outfit is Stratfor as in "strategic forecasting."  It costs money to subscribe.  You get what you pay for.

Cold Days:  A short article about the "irreproducible womb-stuff" certain people need for purposes best known to God and themselves.     

Research Media and Cybernetics    Supernaturalists are naturally interested in Physics. We've linked to the RMC Physics page.  Where you choose to go afterward is up to you.

Calendar Systems  Does anybody really know what time it is?

Official U.S. Time  The display shows a clock and the sun's position.

Anywhere In The World Time:  Definitive...the time of day anywhere.  Lots of information. Topics of literary interest. It's worth the time.

Beautiful versus Sublime   A short Wikipedia entry about this important distinction.