Cold Days in The Heat of High Summer
People who wonder vaguely about or (worse) deny existence of the living Soul are in danger.  People who wake up every day thinking there are questions that need to be answered before they can "make up their mind" about whether or not the living God truly is the living God are biting off their noses to spite their faces.  

This old world and these bodies of flesh and the bondage of lies make it difficult to see the supernatural light of truth that God our Father chooses to show of Himself to-day.  Pain and suffering deceives many people.  People think, "If there really was a 'god' he wouldn't allow pain and suffering and death.  If there really was a 'god' he would take better care of us."  People forget that the pain and suffering in this world is what we bring upon ourselves.

This deception of easy forgetfulness is woven partly of half-baked theories, speculations, and conjectures.  Another part of the deception is the natural proclivity of a living Soul to think it knows what truth is without applying to almighty God in Christ who is The Truth.  Another part of the deception is to think that "the truth" is a subjective, static, list of things that one has supposed not to be lies.  

People who deny the existence of the living Soul are, by their own choice, forced to speculate and theorize upon the Ultimate Questions of creation and existence.  It is nearly impossible now for an ordinary citizen to grasp the monstrous truth that the global enterprise of modern medical research promotes with the death of human life as its primary and most useful instrument of research.

Years of world-wide publicity has convinced a great many people  that the systematic annihilation of the Earth's animal life-forms is a legitimate and necessary research procedure.  Many of the human female population have been co-opted into this ghoulish deception.  A certain number of human females must be made complicit because their wombs contain the unique and irreproducible stuff out of which human flesh originates.  Medical researchers are clever; but not so clever as to understand the creation of Life Itself.  They jump-start their research by convincing the female humans that their wombs are not places of sanctity but only another system of planet Earth's biological "machinery".

No scientist or medical researcher in this world can ever say precisely where life begins.  No one in this world can ever say precisely when a bit of human flesh becomes a living Soul.  Given those two facts alone, it would seem logical to think that any truly compassionate human adult would have enough sense and sensitivity to leave it all well-enough alone.  Clever people with unlimited amounts of investment capital should have no trouble dreaming up other schemes of research.

But that's not how it is and, sadly, the situation will not improve.  These ghouls have the bit in their teeth and money to burn and their attention is focused with laser heat onto the womb-stuff.  They want it and they'll get it, too.  This old world is about to get a whole lot colder than it ever has been since Day One.

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