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Changing Water into Wine
From the hour that Jesus instantaneously transformed many gallons of ordinary water into fine wine people have tried intellectualize the sayings and doings God-in-Christ.  Human efforts to explain the earthly doings of the Christ is like trying to find a needle on a gale-swept beach in a rising tide.

The most difficult thing to consider in considering Jesus the Christ is the supernatural fact of His presence now. "Not by might or power of intelligence [or any other human thing] but by my Spirit, says the LORD of hosts."

Many people spend their time on earth thinking Jesus is an eccentric, mythical character of the distant past. It is not so. Christ-incarnate is the present, past, future and Eternal Christ of the living God.

The very idea of an eternally-alive person of Supreme power and authority dwelling in the earth today as an invisible, pervading Spirit is impossible for some people to imagine. Reasons for their paucity of imagination are private business between them and God. But for as long as "to-day" exists, there will be opportunities for people to change their mind.

The increment of time called "to-day" is Father-Godís Standard of time for this Age. To-Day is when His Christ-Spirit abides here in the earth-universe to help people.  Such an idea is blue-sky gibberish to many who think of themselves as "hard-headed realists." 

Hard-headed realism was at least plausible for a long time.  But then modern scientists began to explore the secret realms of the atom. Their latest findings are surprising.  It turns out that the concept of "hardness" in the physical world derives from a sensation of texture produced by electromagnetic balances that obtain in an ever-fluctuating state of equilibrium throughout the atomic universe. This state of fluctuating, perfect balance is a movement of pure energy in all things. The speed of this movement is thought to be equal to the speed of light. Dependable old terrafirma is actually a shimmering array of unified atomic structures locked in an intricate, electromagnetic balancing action that convinces every hard-headed "realist" of how brutal and rapacious life in this old world is. But what about the rest of the universe?

Where does the "universe" end and the Earth begin? Where does the air end and the person who breathes it begin? Atomically speaking, it is now impossible to say. The atomic structures composing the universe are now understood to be far more complex than was once supposed. Scientists havenít found any "end" to the number of components involved in the composition of atomic things. Just when scientists begin to think theyíre finished discovering new things about the atom, something "new" pops up. These "new discoveries" are actually very, very old bits of atomic information that humans are only now finding ways to explore.

So whatís the answer to the question, "Where does the Universe end and the Earth begin?" The answer is that there is no certain end to one and beginning of the other. Both are part of the same atomic system, locked more intimately than anyone can imagine in the delicate electromagnetic dance of atomic life.

Structures of the so-called "natural world" give every appearance of unchanging stability. This appearance of stability will hold for as long as natural laws are unchanging and unchangeable according to human standards. Scientists who study elementary atomic particles assume the immutability of natural law even as new evidence of new phenomena adds new dimensions and perspectives and potential that show things are not as "stable" as the scientists once supposed.

The old-fashioned classicists of old-fashioned science are bent on classifying and categorizing everything. But human powers of physical perception (even with powerful machines to aid them) are not powerful enough to see to the "end" of what can be seen. The mystery of life remains mysterious no matter how much is known.

Spiritually speaking, even an atheist knows that "no man is an island." The challenge to atheists and other hard-headed realists is to understand that a turning point in the curvaceous path of evolution is upon us. Given the growing body of hard evidence pointing to an infinitely increasing degree of complexity in elementary structures, hard-headed realists have a legitimate reason to pause and re-think their position. Only God knows how many will actually do so.

The constantly shifting body of "scientific law" is mutable and unstable because the powers of merely human physical perception are mutable and unstable. No one can ever be sure of what they are seeing if they can never be finally sure of what it is they see. In the study of elementary atomic particles, nothing has ever been "seen" anyway. 

From Day One of to-day in the earth-universe, Father-God in His Christ-Spirit has been saying to the Earth-at-large: "In me there is no shadow of turning. I do not change. Turn to me. I will turn to you."

Itís easy, now, for every hard-headed realist to flip a finger at any thought of Father-Godís immutable Supremacy. And changing water into wine? Well, itís easy to flip a finger to that old-wives tale, too. Never mind if itís the supernatural truth that Jesus of Nazareth did it. Just never mind at all. None of that stuff is important anyway. 

No one but an artist of Supreme supernatural power can lift the mists of religious ritual, spiritual confusion, and scientific arrogance.  To the living Soul who thinks God and His Christ are a big joke, these few observations have been offered. For as long as "to-day" lasts, thereís a 50:50 chance that the brackish thought of hard-headed "realism" can be transformed into a fine wine of eternal understanding "not by might, not by power, but by my Spirit, says the LORD of hosts."


John L. Jordan       Copyright © May 16th 2001       Hollywood, U.S.A.

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