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Want versus Need
No one on Earth can know what life in this old world would have been like if the first male and female of the human species hadn't forfeited the right to rule its former Estate.  But what happened, happened.  Now we've got what we've got.

Planet Earth now is a dimension of existence containing the juxtaposition of absolute opposites:  light/dark; heat/cold; love/hate; good/evil; up/down, etc.  In time, people have gotten used to the dichotomy.  Sort of.  But the dramatic conflict of opposing forces is never far removed from anyone's life.  Opposition is what makes this old world and its planetary universe keep going 'round and 'round and 'round. 

Many earth-dwellers think (dreamily) their planet and its starry skies will continue spinning for "billions-and-billions" of years to come.  Almighty God, the Creator of all people and all things that people wonder about is now being counted out; discredited; pooh-poohed and ridiculed.

A lot of people (especially in the western cultures) have taken to thinking of almighty God as a cheap religious sham put up to bilk hard working people of their money.  Opposing the naysayers and the atheists are the wild-eyed, arm-waving, sweating zealots who are out there a-preachin' thuh luv uv my suh-weet jeeeuss an' thuh turrible rath uv gawd-a-mighty.

See?  Opposites.  Absolute opposition between the force of two opposing sets of thought which now flow through the lives in creatures of the same species.  God Himself named the troublesome creature the adam.  He made the adam a living Soul.  There are now opposing ideas about whether the soul actually exists.

What's the point?  What will be the resolution to this constant conflict of opposing forces?

As global population has grown, so has the cry for "Peace!"
Even back when there were not billions-and-billions of people on Earth, the conflicts of opposing forces were happening.  But if a Soul got fed up with the trouble, there was a wide world of fertile wilderness waiting over the horizon.  There is a certain kind of peace in solitude.

Those old frontiers are closed.  There is no where to run.  The cowboy dream of "a little spread by a babbling brook" has become a workingman's fantasy in a rich man's world.  Even if the workingman scrapes together the down-payment on his dream, it's likely he won't be able to make a living out there on his little spread.

So what we've got now is a global stew of uptight humanity.  Hardly anyone is satisfied with the status-quo.  And it doesn't take a genius to figure out that the exploitation and pollution of the Earth's natural resources will not sustain unlimited growth for billions-and-billions of people for billions-and-billions of years to come.

The tantalizing achievements of science and technology hold out the carrot of an impossible promise?  What's that promise?  That somehow, some way, in this present world of absolute and constant opposition, there will come (through human ingenuity) a peaceful resolution to this constant opposition of human forces and ideas.  It is an absurd, childish notion.  But from the humanistic perspective it's all there is to hope for.

The conflict of opposites begins and ends with the conflict of Good and Evil.  God said of Himself to Isaiah:  "I form the light.  I create darkness.  I make peace.  I create evil."

Hearing of God's stupendous creative powers more than a few of the living Soul species will go, "Harumph!  If that's the kind of God this "god" of yours is, I choose to have no relations with him."  So fine.  Don't.  But think about this while you're giving God the Father and His Christ the bum's-rush: 

God has been most generous in sharing the perfection of His Freedom and the abundance of His Providence with the people of this troublesome world.  People everywhere are free to choose anything.  We now live in a world of bad choices made by selfish people who may know better but don't give a damn.  They want what they want when they want it.

It's people, not God, who have created the political, economic, and environmental messes of this old world.  Then turn around and wonder why God allows people to be so mean.  People want to be free but not too many of them are willing to deal truthfully with the tough responsibilities that come with the freedom they claim to love so much.

So now there is a whirl of opposition being aimed at God Himself but it's flying under the flag of "religious enmity" created by opposing religious doctrines and beliefs.  Pshaw!  There is nothing "religious" about God.  God needs no "religion" to be Himself. 

In return for the goodness God has bestowed upon us, we routinely mock Him, pervert His Words, and have even thought to kill His only begotten Son.  Lots of people think it not but it's all true.  It began when the first female and male chose to embrace Evil instead of Good.  God created the Earth and "saw that it was good."  When did God create Evil?  And why?  Ask Him.  But don't ever question His creative power.  God can create anything.  He said Himself that He created Evil.  When the first woman and the first man decided to embrace Evil, God could have stopped them but then they wouldn't have been free.  They would have been His slaves.  They chose to embrace evil but God didn't hold a gun to their heads and make them do it.  Neither did He interfere with their right to choose.

Nowadays there are billions-and-billions of people who want things to be different.  They want peace.  They want prosperity.  They want a better world.  They want a world where the old opposing forces aren't in conflict.  Want is a speciality of modern humanism.

It is clear from cover-to-cover in the Hebrew/Christian Scripture that what God the Father intends to accomplish with this large demonstration of absolute opposition is that no matter how absurd or cruel or ridiculous or pointless or wasteful or painful or deadly this conflict of constant opposition may seem here and now, in the end it will be resolved.  His way.

This world of conflict and trouble is in God's sight.  And not "from a distance" either.  God is more up close and personal than thoughts and breath.  He misses nothing.  "All things are naked and opened to the eyes of Him with whom we have to do."  Be advised:  God has graciously invited everyone to let Him help them out of this conflict and start seeing things His way.  People may want lots of things.  What people need is a little more humility and understanding of God.  God is willing to lend a Hand.  Most people aren't willing to take it.

To be sure, there is nothing "religious" about God, His Christ, and their Spirit-presence.  Worship and prayer are supposed to carried out "in secret."  What's so hard to understand about that?  Hey!  Time is running out!


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