The Veil of Humanist Knowledge
The heaven and earth of this present world are mostly beyond the comprehension of human intellect.  Inventive methods and gadgetry of investigation have coaxed a relatively small measure of scientific knowledge from the electromagnetic stew which composes this world's present state-of-being.  However when human knowledge is put alongside the unknown for a comparison, human knowledge of the physical universe is then comparable to a mote of dust...or less.  The so-called "physical universe" of the Earth is utterly and finally immeasurable by any human standard.

People who hold out hope for a scientific breakthrough that will knock down the immense fortress of immeasurability should not hold their breath while waiting because it ain't ever gonna happen.  Period.  

The breakthrough scientists and others are hoping for will not happen because it cannot happen.  Not in this old world.  Why?  Because the chilly power of Death extinguishes every living thing in this present universe.  As long as the power of Death is working within the atomic/electromagnetic scheme of things, the shifty body of human knowledge will never be relieved of its nerve-racking tendency toward uncertainty.

Uncertainty and confusion are rooted in the ephemeral power of Death.  Which is precisely why the Christ of God in Jesus of Nazareth is inseparable from any hope of relief from the uncertainty caused by certain Death.  There is no passing instant that does not contain a moment of Death for something or someone.  God the Father empowered Jesus of Nazareth and enabled Him to overturn the whole field of cause-and-effect.  Cause-and-effect brought the power of Death into the life of this world.

In the form of an ordinary human creature, the Christ of God said things and did things that proved His power.  He said,  

"Therefore my Father loves me, because I lay down my life, that I might take it again.   No man takes my life from me, but I lay it down of myself. I have power to lay it down, and I have power to take it again. This commandment have I received of my Father." * 

The operative word in that declaration is "power."  Jesus did not say He had been given "religion."  Jesus said He had received the Father's commandment of power to overcome the power of Death; which is precisely what He did.  There are many people who think what Jesus did is impossible; that the whole story of Christ on Earth is a phantasmagoric fabrication of religious zealotry.  The perversions of humanist religious practice have buttressed many logical arguments for the purely scientific pursuit of "knowledge."

But a deadly effect is often produced in donning the veil of humanist  "knowledge."   The veil of "knowledge" glimmers and sparkles with an alluring light that giving an outward appearance of wisdom and understanding.  In truth, the humanist veil is thin cover for the cold, naked vanity of a Soul shivering in proud denial of its own poor weakness.

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