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Before The Incarnation
Before the Incarnation, God inspired His prophet Hosea to describe the people of Israel and Judah as unfaithful wives. Using graphic language, Hosea tells of whoredom and consort with evil spirits committed by the people of Israel and Judah. In the old days, the tribes of Israel and Judah were betrothed to God. After the Great Divorce, Judah sits in the dust and weeps. Israel is scattered like straw in the wind.

Today, a remnant of Judahís tribe inhabits old Jerusalem. The other ruddy tribes of ancient Israel have covered the earth under the name, "Celt." In their long history, names for Celtic nations have been various. Today we know them as Norse, Scot, Irish, Gael, English, Norman, Saxon, Breton, Dutch, etc. All hale from the splintered kingdom of Israelís ten tribes, once united with the tribes of Judah and Benjamin under their warrior king, David. Davidís kingdom was brought to full flower and lost to "whoredoms with idols" in the reign of his son, Solomon. True to their heritage, Celtic descendants of ancient Israelís tribes remain warlike to this day and are driven by a strong desire for wealth and power.

Before the Incarnation of God in Christ, Celtic people (along with every other national group of people) "worshipped in darkness" with no clear understanding of God. Since the Incarnation and arrival of Christís Spirit, "even the Spirit of truth," numbers of Celtic people and individuals from other ethnic groups have turned from pagan worship to embrace the Christís Enlightenment. However, some have not ceased in their curious quest for further proof of Godís existence.

This page was created on April 25th 2001.