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Savage Vanity
Everyone in the civilized world knows the name, Moses.  Most of those who know the name also know the story of the Biblical character who first made the name famous.  A majority of people in the world to-day do not believe the story of Moses is true.  They think it is a myth or a fable. Those who think so are mistaken. 

Many people to-day don't believe the story of Moses is factual because it describes supernatural events.  These events occurred approximately 1500 years before the birth of Christ.  These events were dramatic precursors to the Christ-event which happened, as time is now reckoned, about 2000 years prior to the present day.  Before the days of Moses the 12 Hebrew tribes of Israel had lived under the whips of Egyptian slave-masters.  During their long enslavement the Hebrew tribes were seduced by the art and craft of Egyptian magic and sorcery.

When the LORD empowered Moses and charged him with the job of leading the Hebrews out of Egypt, the methods employed by Moses were superficially similar to the work of Egyptian magicians and sorcerers.  The first chapters of Exodus tell how Moses fussed with the LORD over how "the people would not believe him."  To convince Moses, the LORD told Moses to throw his staff down.  When the stick hit the ground, it became a writhing serpent.  The LORD told Moses to pick the snake up by the tail.  It was a test of courage.  Moses passed the test.  The serpent returned to the form of a wooden stick.  Following explicit instructions that surely must've filled him with trepidation, Moses invoked 10 plagues and calamities over all the land of Egypt.   

There is no such thing, in this present world, as a perfectly accurate and complete historical record of anything.  From the instant anything happens in this world, the memory of it begins to decay.  It is only by great effort that we happen to have preserved any written history.  

Scriptures tell how the Hebrew slaves did at first doubt Moses.  But he LORD had given Moses everything he needed to relieve their doubt.  Signs and wonders convinced the Hebrews that Moses actually did wield more power than the great Pharaoh with his retinue of magicians and sorcerers.  The Hebrew tribes had been cowed in their four-hundred years of enslavement.  Moses came with supernatural power given to him by the LORD and set them free.  

It didn't take long for the Hebrew's respect of Moses to fade.  The LORD took Moses from their sight for forty days.  He kept Moses up in the rumbling, thunder-smoke of Mount Horeb, giving him marching orders.  Down below, the newly freed Hebrew slaves decided Moses must have been another capricious magician who'd led them into the wilderness to be ravaged by only-God-knows-what.  They hectored Moses' brother Arron.   Pressured and flattered by the squalling multitude, Arron set himself up as the "new priest" and drew up a calf-thing from molten gold.  It was a costly mistake.

Arron set the golden calf in the midst of his craven followers and tried to stand in the place of Moses using this trinket of demon-deception.  Moses returned.  The newly freed slaves were in full debauch.  3000 people lost their lives in bloody retribution for the tribal sacrilege.  Savages understand little else but lethal power.

The old wheel of "time" was never meant to turn forever.  Astrophysics claims to measure "time" and time's first-cousin space as billions-and-trillions-of-light-years.  It's a joke modern citizens like to play on themselves:  thinking they can actually imagine "billions and trillions" when, actually, even 5000 years is unimaginable.  Fact is, unless there's a written record, it's hard to remember exactly what happened last Tuesday, isn't it?  

The vanity of modern intellectualism has more than a few people whooping it up around the fashionable golden calf of new-age spiritualism, old-time religion, politics, and science.  No one wants to admit it.  No one wants to face the fact that throughout the history of mankind people haven't changed all that much.  

Humanistic history is sketchy and imperfect at best.  The LORD says, "Turn to me.  I will turn to you."  The LORD has always given people a clear choice between "His way" and "their own way."  Throughout history many have chosen their own way because it's easiest for the time-being.      

This page was created on August 4th 2001.