The Coming Storm
Modern citizens of this old world think that "thinking" is a process of natural evolution.  How can "thinking" be a naturally evolving process when "thoughts" themselves are discrete supernatural entities?

Scientists hook a person's head up to a humming piece of machinery and say they are examining human thoughts.  What they are examining in fact is the path left behind by a thought that came and went faster than the speed of light.  No scientist has ever captured a thought and kept it in a corked bottle.  No one ever will.  Thoughts move so fast, it's a mistake to use the human concept of "speed" trying to describe their character.  

Much of the modern world is produced with knowledge acquired and put into action by men (male and female) who do not acknowledge God through His Christ.  God gave everyone the gift of perfect Freedom and a measure of Faith.  God will not coerce anyone into properly employing their measure of Faith.  Faith is a powerful supernatural substance.  The substance of Faith is essential-to-and-inseparable-from the creative process.  Many use their Freedom and their Faith without consulting God through the Secret Office of Prayer in Christ.  The resulting misuse of these powerful supernatural gifts is evident in the headlines.  Life on Earth is increasingly violent and schizophrenic.  The present situation of human life on planet Earth is a direct result of people thinking they have enough knowledge to be sure they are right about whatever it is they happen to think.

The violent mass-murder of September 11th 2001 astonished the whole world.  That terrible event was caused by a certain strain of religious fanaticism.  Adherents to radical Islam "think" they are correct in cold-killing anyone not of their belief.  The global fallout of September 11th is already condensing as an outcry against "religious fundamentalism."  The excesses and cruelties of so-called "christianity" will be condemned (and rightly so) with other brands of religious fanaticism.

In the coming storm of protest against "religion" most people won't stop to think that there is nothing religious about the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.  Question:  What is there "religious" about having the power to speak and create whole universes of galaxies and worlds?  What is there "religious" about having the power and know-how to create a living Soul?  Even so, there are people to-day who think that thoughts of God, His Christ, His Spirit, and His evil prince Lucifer are a naive religious spin of primitive human tradition.

The consummation of these present days will be noisy, bloody, and filled with unimaginable terrors.  In the coming storm, anyone who tries to stand against the power and irreligiosity of God in His Christ will have something entirely new to think about.

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