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That One Lie
From that Great Moment when the Spirit of almighty God first did begin to brood over the face of the deep until now, God has never veered from His original determination:  "Let us make the adam (mankind) in our image after our likeness and let them have dominion...over all the Earth."

Since then the Dominion of the adam-species has become a dominion of death because the first adam-male and the first adam-female chose to believe the very first lie ever told:  "The knowledge of good and evil will make a god of you."

As absurd as it may sound to the modern ear, That One Lie about "the knowledge of good and evil" is the seed that produced the harvest of all the lies told by people ever since.  The corruption of the Earth by That One Lie is irremissible; once that lie was embraced, there was no turning back.  That One Lie brought the perfect Curse of Death down onto all flesh.

As these words are written in June 2002, the inheritance of That One Lie is causing many people to think of almighty God as something or someone other than the Supreme Person that He most certainly is.

There are lots of people to-day who refuse to think seriously about the undeniably spiritual character of all existence:  they have a "scientific" view of the Earth and its universe.  Their "god" is the tactile, the sensory, the physically tangible and perceivable evidences of existence.  Some people choose to think that whatever cannot be measured in physical terms is not worth their consideration.  To think so is half-correct.  In this present world of death, the immeasurable character of Eternal life can mean nothing to anyone who categorically refuses to consider Life Itself as an experience that is happening now in Eternity. 

That One Lie about "the knowledge of good and evil" is as powerful as ever.  Some people embrace knowledge as their "god."  In this world of death, it's easy to forget that without the living God Himself at the helm, there would be no knowledge of any kind for men to argue over.

The Earth-universe does not exist beyond the pale of the Father's eternal kingdom.  Indeed every passing instant of this dying old world is shot-through with the pure vitality of God's eternal Spirit.  God is God.  Whatever He has made, He has made.  The tremendous Majesty of His creative purposes is now veiled by a darkness of lies and the pursuant corruption of Death.  That One Lie does its devious, deadly work.

The terrible physicality of this old world is under God's control.  Prophet Elijah questioned the LORD'S immediate presence and influence in the affairs of this world.  In answer to his questions, Elijah was made to stand and witness the passing of three events that can (to this day) overpower and destroy the best laid plans of man-kind.  An earthquake, a great wind, and a raging fire.  God Himself made these three cataclysmic events  manifest in the life-experience of His prophet, Elijah.  When the shakin' and the blowin' and the burnin' had subsided, Elijah had been taught by God like no one before or since that in this world God Himself inhabits "the still, small voice," not the manifestations of His omnipotent creative power.

Given the absolute character of the corruption that's killing every atomic thing in this atomic universe, it is apparent that everything in the Earth-universe is headed for extinction.  People who worship knowledge for its own sake peer at the surface of infinity and think they "see" a form of atomic life evolving and evolving and evolving forever.  That One Lie causes the unwary Soul to think that t-i-m-e is another word for e-t-e-r-n-i-t-y.

The Perfect Curse of Death over all flesh was prepared and pronounced by God.  People embracing That One Lie about "the knowledge of good and evil" produced the death of this old world.   Only God can lift the Curse and He has begun to do so in the manifestation that He made of Himself in His Christ, Jesus of Nazareth.

That One Lie, like an evil wind, has blown up a dust of "religion" in this old world.  Lots of people to-day embrace the lie that says Jesus of Nazareth is a "religious leader."  Jesus of Nazareth is not a religious leader.  Jesus of Nazareth is God-incarnate:  "When you have seen me, you have seen the Father."  Along His journey through this world, Jesus of Nazareth infuriated the leaders of mere "religion."  Jesus of Nazareth spoke loud and long against "the traditions of men."  Jesus of Nazareth proved there is nothing whatsoever "religious" about God, His Christ-manifestation, or His Spirit.  Religious leaders of this old world called Jesus of Nazareth "a winebibber and a glutton."

The Christ of God did not enter the Earth to crank up a new "religion."  He made His way and did His work to fulfill the initial order and determination:  "Let us make the adam (mankind) after our image and in our likeness and let them have dominion...over all the Earth." 

The LORD of heaven and earth has walked the ground of this old world.  That One Lie about "the knowledge of good and evil" makes it seem otherwise in the lives of many.  That One Lie has lots of people thinkin' that Jesus of Nazareth is "just another goofy religious guy."

In His final commands and declarations to the people of planet Earth (John, chapters 14, 15, 16) Jesus says:  "I will send you my Spirit, even the Spirit of truth.  He will lead you into all truth and show you things to come."

As absurd as it may sound at first to corrupt mortal ears, that Spirit is the same Spirit who did indeed once brood over the face of the deep.  That Spirit is the Spirit of Life Itself and there's nothing "religious" about it.

The living Soul of to-day should embrace the Spirit of truth in Christ as little children embrace their parents.  Many don't.  Few do.  The death That One Lie produced proceeds.  God in Christ says, "Behold, I make all things new."  Whatever God makes new cannot be affected by That One Lie.

This page was created on June 6th 2002.

Atomic Jesus Supernaturalist