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Terrors of The Beasts
The power of choice is a mighty force in every human experience.  The so-called "natural" world spins according to the laws of nature.  The world of men is ruled primarily by the laws that mankind has chosen to live by.  The natural world is ruled by an instinctive, seasonal turn of events.  The world of men turns more and more on the shaky axis of "what has happened lately."

What has happened lately in the world of men is keeping the clammy sweat fresh on more than a few high-powered palms.  Seen from a purely natural perspective, there is certainly cause enough for the sweaty nervousness.  Why?  Because even now, on the very instant of this writing in June 2002, there are hundreds? Thousands?  Millions?  of young, middle-eastern men and women who are willing to blow themselves into bloody bits as "suicide bombers."

These terrifying suicide bombers have been trained for their missions since infancy.  Their trainers are insane religious zealots who are, themselves, being manipulated by evil political leaders.  The political leaders who inspire this deadly zealotry are exploiting religious devotion inspired by a book called The Koran.

Seen from the natural perspective, there is no logical explanation for suicide-in-the-name-of-religion.  Seen from the natural perspective, there is no reason why any one would even think of "blowing themselves up" in the suicide/mass-murder fashion now making headlines.

These horrible events continue with increasing frequency.  Logical, reasonable, political diplomacy means little or nothing.  In fact, all the natural reasoning-power of man-kind means nothing at all.  Why?  Because the horrific terrors now taking place in the natural world of man are rooted in the supernatural ground of almighty God's eternal kingdom.

The scientific, natural world-view is godless and gives no credence to the supreme Sovereignty and power of God.  The scientific, natural world-view searches this old world's darkening horizons for "a reasonable explanation" and "a reasonable solution" for the horrors and terrors created by evil beings housed in bodies of mortal flesh.  These beings thrive in the accouterment of earthly wealth and political expediency.  The natural mind of the scientifically indoctrinated Western citizen reels with the stupefaction of brutality brought to life by these evil beings.  If it were not actually happening, it would be impossible to imagine human beings were capable of this depravity.  The natural events of time and space are occurring now in an environment accelerated with the fuels of spiritual evil and visceral terror:  an explosive supernatural compound.

The natural, scientific, godless view of existence holds out the smarmy hope of  "evolution"  as the solution to the woes of this old world.  The natural, evolutionary view (even now) gives more than few people a ready excuse for their own bestiality and allows them to conveniently excuse the brutal behaviour of others.

These evil days upon us now have not been unknown.  Moses spoke of them.  The prophets saw visions of them.  God Himself in the form of a man named Jesus of Nazareth described them in even greater detail.  The duly foretold days of evil have begun in earnest.  The Christ says,  "You can tell the signs of the weather but you can't read the signs of the times."

Spiritual blindness and spiritual ignorance are conditions of the living Soul that must be carefully nurtured and taught.  No human infant comes from between its mother's feet with a congenital hatred or a studied ignorance of anything.  The natural arrogance bred into life by godless intellectualism causes men to teach their children lies.  Lies have been a part of life on Earth since the beginning of time.  Those lies and the father of lies are being consumed in a fiery anguish of terror that will not cease before this old world has completely vanished.

Traditions, rituals, religions, philosophies, political doctrines, scientific theories, and all the precious little institutions of mankind's natural world have brought us to this point.  Religious leaders are teaching middle-eastern children to blow themselves to bloody bits "in the name of allah."  Western-world "christian" leaders practice pedophilia and other perversions under the robes of their so-called "holy office."

The natural first-instinct says, "Eradicate all religion!"  To be sure, every kind of earthly religion will be eradicated soon enough.  To be doubly sure, it most certainly will not be any power or personality of the earthly kind who will handle the meticulous business of that particular annihilation.

This page was created on June 22nd 2002.

Atomic Jesus Supernaturalist