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Terror of The Great Unknown
Thoughts are the most strange and terrifying "things" that exist in the daily experience of living.  No one on Earth actually knows what a thought is but everyone thinks.  Before any kind of action is ever taken by a human creature, there is a thought  of some kind preceding that action.  Humanity's grotesque misunderstanding of itself originates in the mysterious processes of a "thought."

Terrifying thoughts of The Great Unknown have been a part of human existence since the beginning of time.  Scientifically speaking, that term, "the great unknown," is a fit description  for  the realm where thoughts themselves are born.  Where do thoughts come from?  How are they formed?  Modern science puts up a brave front against this great unknown and fortifies its position with complex machinery that (it is claimed) measures the origin and progress of a "thought" through the brain-matter of a human being. 

Investigators using this  impressive equipment fail to emphasize that the tiny electrical impulses they measure in a brain are not actually "thoughts."  The electrical impulses in the brain are bits of tantalizing evidence telling scientists of where a thought has come...and gone.  These things we call our "thoughts" are absolutely intangible and cannot be measured by any physical means.  No one in this world has ever seen with the naked eye, a single thought, existing apart, standing alone, distinct from every other thought.  

People take "thinking" for granted.  Many people do not think it is important to seriously reflect upon one's own sense of place and self.  Que sera sera, "whatever will be, will be."  That old saying is an accurate observation.  But it should not keep the Soul-in-flesh from contemplating its dilemma.

And many a modern Soul-in-flesh on Earth today might reply:
"Dilemma?  What dilemma?  The dilemma of living on Earth?  Hey!  Living is easy, living is tough.  That's life, right?  That's all you need to know.  If you don't want to be chow for the big dogs in this dog-eat-dog world, you better make up your mind to do whatever it takes to protect yourself and your loved ones." 

A great many people are beginning to think whatever sense of "security" they may have depends, solely, upon how well they secure themselves and their loved ones against the sudden terror flowing from the evil side of the great unknown:  What horror of crime, what perversion of desire, what terror of bloody, unexpected death will happen next?  And where?  And when?  Who will be the perpetrator?  How can I protect myself?  How can I protect my children?  

Who will deny the "good and evil" character of such thinking?

"The knowledge of good and evil" was first codified and popularized as a bona-fide supernatural power in the Hebrew/Christian book of Genesis.  The story of how the knowledge of good and evil came into this world is a famous old story that many people now ignore.  This ignorance is in no way blissful.   

Ignoring and denying the supernatural character of  "the knowledge of good and evil"  will not change the fact of its being.  But denial and ignorance of supernatural facts has a definite effect on the one engaged in such folly.  It amounts to a denial of God Himself.  Through His prophet, Isaiah, the Almighty revealed a great deal about Himself, His Sovereignty, and His absolute power of creativity.  Here are two verses from the forty-fifth chapter of Isaiah's writings: 

"I  form  the  light,  and  create  darkness:  I  make  peace,  and   create  evil:  I  the  LORD  do  all  these  things.  Rain  down,  you  heavens,  from  above,  and  let  the  skies  pour  down  righteousness;  let  the  earth  open,  let  them  bring  forth  salvation,  and  let  righteousness  spring  up  together.  I,  the  LORD,  have  created  it."   
In His eloquent writing, prophet Isaiah sets forth the most accurate description of God and God's Determinations ever to exist in a printable, hard-copy form.    

People who believe the existence of good and the existence of evil are not in accord with God's Sovereign Determinations are "doing a number on themselves."  Everyone must believe in something.  Some people believe only in themselves and whatever they can get their hands on.  Some people can't seem to get past the hard-to-believe fact that things which make human existence human are utterly intangible:  love, hope, honor, courage, hate, despair, mercy, etc.  There is no way to prove that "love" exists but everyone knows it does.  Some people try to intellectualize the intangibles of human existence.  Many people think there is nothing more to "love" than a tiny genetic mark on a strand of DNA.   

But the supernatural character of love has not changed and neither has the supernatural character of evil.  A billion years of "human evolution" have produced a race of loving creatures with members who think nothing of incinerating their children in the name of "allah."  Godless intellectualism blames "religion" for these evil atrocities and claims to know, intellectually, what is "good."  

The accounting procedures of mere intellectualism are suspect at best.  Intellectual procedures are useless in attempts to account for discrepancies caused by the supernatural powers of good and evil.  Denying the essential supernaturality of  "good and evil"  affords scant comfort in these days of escalating violence and spiritual posturing.  The most basic definition of "profanity" is found in a living Soul's refusal to discern or acknowledge the true character of spiritual things

This page was created on July 29th 2002.
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