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Surface Tension
Trust.  Commitment.  Devotion to duty.  Love of truth.  Those are four actions of conscious behaviour that are distinctive by varying measure in members of the human species.  Admirable characteristics of human behaviour must be sharpened and thoughtfully maintained throughout an earthly lifetime.  "If you don't use it, you lose it."  Not a single one of the best things about human character could be called an "instinct."

Animals don't "love" their young or their mating partners the way humans do.  The main difference between animals and humanity is found in the power of choice.  To be "free as a bird" sounds attractive because it is pleasant to imagine flying off to pleasant places on a whim.  Birds don't imagine pleasant places.  Birds (and other animals) are compelled by hunger, fear, and the urge to reproduce.

People who aren't hungry or afraid of being killed and eaten have built the world we live in to-day.  This is not a perfect world but there are good things to be enjoyed in the experiences of this life.  The majority of human folk would like nothing better than a cozy home, a happy family, and peaceful dealings with those around them.  It doesn't seem like much to ask.  But just try and get it.  Whew!  The pleasant hopes and dreams of a peaceful, productive life are much easier to dream about than to achieve.

So why is human life on planet Earth so tough if most people want to live in peace?  Probably because people have been led to believe that peace is something that we can achieve through seemingly instinctive human desire to have a peaceful life.  World leaders make political hay talking loud and long about "peace."

Jesus of Nazareth says, "Peace I leave with you.  My peace I give to you.  Not as the world gives to you give I to you."  john chapter 14 verse 27

Jesus of Nazareth is not a political leader.  Jesus of Nazareth is no founder of a "religion."  Jesus of Nazareth is the incarnate Christ of God and the Christ of God is the King of kings and the LORD of lords.  Period.  People the world over have chosen to discount Jesus of Nazareth down to the level of "religious leader."  The effect of such thinking produces the troubles of this old world.

The sincere hopes for peace and goodwill of people not attached to the absolute Hope of God in Christ are certainly sentimental favourites.  Many people "hope" for a better day.  That kind of hope is warm and fuzzy and pleasant to entertain.  It take some powerful action to make hopes come true.  Warm and fuzzy hopes for "peace in our time" won't get the job done.

Sentimentality is a superficial expression of a deeper supernatural desire within the heart and mind of a living Soul.  People generally think of the supernatural facts of their own existence with the same lackadaisical unbelief they apply to God, His Christ, and His Spirit.  Surface tensions produced by studied ignorance of elementary supernatural things causes nothing but trouble in the present day of this troubled old world.

This page was created on January 29th 2002.
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