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"Glory to God in the highest and on Earth!  Peace!  Goodwill toward men!"  
The journey of God Incarnate through the world of men began with that herald.  And since those amazing days when the Christ-man walked the streets of Jerusalem, many people have been deeply affected by Jesus of Nazareth.  The religion of "christianity" has sprung up as a memorial to the revolutionary character displayed in the Christ-manifestation.  Like the devotees of every other religion (including the religion of atheism) the devotees of "christian doctrine" are zealous and well-meaning.

But what is "christian doctrine"?  There are numerous "christian" denominations, sects, cults, and splinter groups.  Each one claims to have the authentic pathway a person must follow in order to worship God correctly.  Every one of them cannot be correct.  Jesus of Nazareth said, "I am the way.  I am the truth.  I am the life.  No man comes to the Father except through me."  If every single one of the numerous "christian" denominations teaches doctrine that is different from every other "christian" doctrine, which one from among these many actually shows "the way, the truth, and the life" that Christ-man Jesus revealed in Himself?    

The answer to that question is, "Not one."  Christ-man Jesus spoke of the denominational confusion that would follow His Incarnation.  The Christ-man said "many would come in His name" and commanded those who would follow Him "in Spirit and in truth" to pay them no mind.  

Christ-man Jesus made it clear that HE would be the one to build His church.  
In 2000 years, the meaning of the word, c-h-u-r-c-h, has been degraded.  Degradations in human understanding can't change supernatural facts.  The church that Christ-man Jesus is building is a singular spiritual-supernatural organism of living Souls.  This spiritual organism is composed, compacted, and organized by God Himself through the Office of His Christ.  

Today, there are men and women who say they are "ordained" to lead congregations of people inhabiting buildings called "churches."  These "ordained ministers" derive their authority from their denominational institutions.  Today, ordinary men and women are being "ordained" by other ordinary men and women.  According to the general principles of denominational doctrine, ordination of any denominational authority entitles the one being ordained to speak for God.  Two-thousand years ago, God came to Earth in the flesh-form of an Extraordinary Man and spoke for Himself.  "The Word was made flesh and dwelled among us."  

But 2000 years is a long time and mankind is, by nature, forgetful.  So now the living Soul of all mankind simmers in a stew of religious confusion spiked with cultish, denominationalized, radicalized, "christianity."   God's herald of peace on Earth and goodwill toward men has been perverted.  Now it's more like peace on Earth and goodwill toward those who embrace a particular denominational doctrine of the "christian" stripe.  People forget (conveniently) that when the herald of God's Christ was announced, there were no "christians" to be found anywhere on Earth.  The herald of Christ does not say "goodwill" toward any particular group.  It says goodwill toward men (both male and female of the species).  

Through the supernatural power of Liberty established in the Blood Covenant that God sealed with mankind in His Christ, people are now entitled by God Himself to choose thinking and believing whatever they like about anything.  The quality of life experienced by a living Soul in this world is established by the choices a Soul makes during its journey through time on Earth.  The world of today is built by the power of those choice at a nail at a time.  

Everyone knows that a nail is not able to drive itself through a piece of wood.  A carpenter with a hammer must choose to drive the nail.  Everyone knows that a brick does not lay itself to the line.  A brick-mason must choose to lay the brick.  Everyone knows it's not the clay that chooses what form it will have, it's the potter.  Likewise, it's God choosing to build His church as He will.  The only choice a living Soul has in matters of "the church" is whether or not they will choose God's Way or their own way.   The supernatural way of God's church-building process is the way of Life proceeding from this present world of Death. 

In this present state of worldwide religious confusion and corruption, it may seem to more than a few Souls that the chances of finding God's sincere peace and goodwill toward men are somewhere between nowhere-nothing-and-none.  By standards of mere "religion", that grim bit of risk-assessment is accurate.  No contrivance of mankind will ever solve the indisputably spiritual problems that every living Soul must face during its time in this old world.  

Human life on planet Earth is grows evermore wasteful and schizoid.  Things are not getting better.  Things are getting worse.  Unlimited exploitation of the Earth's finite resources will not stop.  People want what they want when they want it.  What's a Soul-in-flesh supposed to do?  Give up, give in, shrivel and die?  What does a Soul on Earth have for aid and comfort in this presently good-and-evil cosmos of flesh? 

The Christ-man said, "I will not leave you comfortless.  I will send you my Spirit.  My Spirit will lead you into all truth and show you things to come."  He didn't say "us."  He didn't say "them."  He didn't say "those."  He didn't say "them and not those."  He said, "you..."  

If more of you embraced the meaning of you as the supernatural fact-of-being Christ-man Jesus imparted of Himself into this present scheme of things, there would be a lot less trouble in this troubled old world.  Don't fuss and complain and offer sweaty prayers in public.  Follow the simple Command of Christ Incarnate.  Deal with it in secrecy.  Deal with it "in Spirit and in truth."  Things change in the lives of those who do.  

This page was created on June 25th 2003.