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The Relativity of Death
The so-called "creation," (planet Earth and its universe) is one thing and that thing is getting old; like the shiny pants to an old suit or a threadbare sweater.  Like a garment of clothing, the Earth and its universe have been growing old since the beginning of time. 

God Himself is the only Person who can put an end to the decay and decrepitude.  He has said that He will.  He is in the process of doing so.  In His Christ-manifestation, God said, "This is the new testament of my blood which is shed for you."  The promised end to the decay and decrepitude now ruining the Earth and its universe is a promise made to the people of Earth sealed with Blood.

The existence of life within this decaying creation should not be confused with the creation itself.  Life is one thing.  The creation is another.  The observer and the thing being observed have always been two different things.

Modern science presents an objective picture of this old world and the place people have in it.  The objectivity of modern scientific inquiry has given rise (as with the lift of hot air) to ideas of relativity that go light-years beyond Mr. Einstein's theories.

Nowadays, a popular mode of thought sees all created things as being relatively equal.  A fish or a cow or a rock or a dog are equal to a man.  At this writing in May 2002, lots of people all over the world think nothing in creation can be superior to any other thing in creation.  To those who think so, everything is relative.

Everything in this world is not relative.  Everything in this world is dying.  This whole creation is one big groaning mass of inexorable decay and death.  Billions-of-trillions of years-in-time don't change the essential facts.  Environmentalists think they can stanch corruption and decay caused by modern civilization.  Such intentions are admirable but its foolish to imagine its actually possible for human beings to behave in any way other than they always have.  This old world and every living thing in it is doomed and slowly dying.  The only true relativity in relationships between physical things in this universe is the relativity of death.

People who insist upon the "relativity" of all things in life have no true respect for Life Itself.  The modern relativist embraces a mode of thought which gives respect and even worshipful homage to the "creation."  In the scheme of relative existence, God our Father-in-Christ-by-His-Spirit are relegated to the ranks of "religion."

In the man-form known as Jesus of Nazareth, almighty God Himself walked and talked among the people of Earth.  The brief record of His doings in the middle-east has been enough to shake out 2000 years' worth of bloody confusion, argument, dissent, rebellions, inquisitions, trust in His immeasurable grace, peace, and providence in the lives of people on Earth.

Confusing the magnificent simplicity of God-in-Christ with any form of "religion" in this world is a mistake.


This page was created on May 19th 2002.

Atomic Jesus Supernaturalist