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of the female-adam and the following "fall of man" were accomplished with a single, simple-sounding lie:  "The knowledge of good and evil will make a god of you."  It is not so.  The knowledge of good and evil is spiritual energy.  The knowledge of good and evil is beyond the full comprehension of anyone but God Himself.  The spiritual virtue in the ancient knowledge of good and evil has an effect in the earthbound existence of every living Soul.  People are mistaken to believe that "good" and "evil" are forms of acceptable or unacceptable human behaviour.  Human behaviour is the outward manifestation of spiritual powers at work in the living Soul.  The knowledge of good and evil is one form of spiritual power among (only God knows how many) other spiritual powers.  There is more than a little comfort to be found (for those who seek it) in knowing that God Himself has sworn to accomplish all of His purposes in heaven and earth "not by might, not by power, but by my Spirit says the LORD of hosts."  The LORD of hosts rules every particle of everything that exists:  animate, inanimate, temporal, spiritual.  The so-called "laws of man" are ever-changing.  The rule of the LORD in all things is certain and eternal.  There is nowhere in the cosmos of humanity that the rule of God is more necessary than in the knowledge of good-and-evil.  

The living Soul is the Breath of God that quickens the flesh of the human race.  The living Soul itself is a spiritual life-form.  The adam-creature's original misappropriation of the spiritual knowledge of good and evil brought the Curse of Death down onto the flesh.  The flesh perishes, the Soul journeys on.  The Soul of every individual member in the human race now hangs in the balance of God's Judgment.  All the flesh in this old world is cursed with death and marked for extinction.  There is a remarkable difference between the death-cursed flesh of all humanity and the regenerated materiel that God displayed in the form of Himself known as Jesus of Nazareth.  

The short-and-sweet explanation for why it was necessary for Jesus of Nazareth to die is that "it was His job."  If Jesus had not chosen to bear the torture of Roman crucifixion and the full anguish of all human sorrow, the living Soul of today's world would not be enjoying the sense of liberty that more people than ever before now take for granted.  That sense of liberty and its attendant "hope for a better day" was bought with the Blood-covenant that the Christ-man established in His Death and in His resurrection.  The spiritual virtues of liberty and hope are vital to the existence of the living Soul.

The origional corruption of the adam-flesh was (and is) the "knowledge of good and evil."  In the complex structure of human flesh, the unabated spiritual knowledge of good and evil shortens the earthbound Soul's perspective and blinds the Soul to the dubious conditions of its predicament.  The mystery of the Christ-man's resurrection from Death has been ballyhooed as a "religious miracle" for more than two-thousand years.  Regenerating the force of Life Itself in a body of dead-and-stinkin' human flesh is definitely beyond the power of man.  But the Spirit of God got the job done.  The Christ-man is the prototype of regenerated human flesh.  There is nothing particularly "religious" about the "miracle" of Christ.  But the living virtue of the so-called "miracle" is impossible to comprehend without the earthbound Soul's own power of sincerity applied in an un-faked yearning for the enlightenment and redemption-from-death by God in His Spirit.  God sees the hearts and minds of all mankind.  It's hard to believe it, but it's a fact.  "Everything is naked and opened to the eyes of Him with whom we have to do."  It is possible for a human creature to sincerely believe that God Himself does not exist.  Believing so does not make it a fact.  Religious ballyhoo, ritual, tradition, doctrine and denominational rhetoric diminish the virtue of honest respect for the overwhelming irregligiosity and practicality of God in His Christ-manifestation.

The spiritual knowledge of good and evil is powerful enough to deceive the Soul-in-flesh into a state of delusional self-certainty where even the absolute certainty of aging and death is not a powerful-enough impetus to break the spell that Satan cast in his original seduction of the adam-species.  Without the intervention of God Himself "not by might, not by power, but by my Spirit says the LORD of hosts," the entire living Soul of the whole adam-species would be doomed to only-God-knows-what-kind of degenerative future.

As these words are being written now, in the month of March 2003, there are more than a few living Souls-in-flesh strolling toward the grave vehemently denying not only the inevitable necessity and presence of Almighty God but also insisting that there is no such thing as a "soul" and that LIFE ITSELF is some sort of happy accident that (quite by accident they say) just-so happened to fall into place after the so-called "big bang."  Corruption caused by the spiritually potent knowledge of good and evil is now copiously displayed in reams of highfalutin scientific theory.

In the end, it's all a lot of rot...literally and figuratively.  The greatest kingdoms, the best theories, the deepest theologies and the most alluring doctrines of mankind are destined for the grave of flesh and the dust of time.  The powerful corruption caused by the knowledge of good and evil has confused the facts of supernatural actuality with all kinds of humanistic voodoo.  The world-famous "Theory of Relativity" proved that (in theory) time itself fades into nothingness under certain physical conditions.  But is it time that fades?  No.  It is the observer's perception of time that changes.  Whatever time actually is never changes at all.

There is also this to consider:  The dominion of the living Soul is intended to be much larger than it is now.  "In my Father's house there are many mansions.  If it were not so, I would not have told you."  The mansion-universe of the Earth are now corrupted by the once-forbidden knowledge of good and evil.  The trouble, pain, and death caused by the knowledge of good and evil have been endured to their fullest possible measure by God Himself in the man-form of Jesus.

The mystery of being a human being is (to this day, at least) still the most intriguing of all mysteries.  The light of spiritual enlightenment that God shined through His Christ into the cosmos of adam-flesh provides answers to the Soul who is willing to forego the confusion of ritual, religion, scientific doctrine, and denominational tradition in a sincere embrace of the way, the truth and the life of the only man who could ever withstand the delusional corruption and certain destruction caused by the potent knowledge of good and evil inherent now within every particle of unregenerate, death-cursed, doomed human flesh.
This page was created on March 30th 2003