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The Need for Secrecy in Worship
Worship begins when almighty God reveals Himself to a living Soul and that Soul chooses to embrace God's revelation, "not by might, not by power, but by my Spirit says the LORD of hosts."

Given the corruption of lies that now infects every instant of every passing day, the Soul is likely to doubt what is undoubtedly true:  God has touched them in a way that defies any form of human explanation.

More than a few living Souls have spent their time on Earth practicing a studied ignorance of the most basic and unavoidable facts of life.  But sooner or later, the living Soul must depart from its decaying house of earthy, atomic flesh.  On that moment, a life-time spent studiously ignoring the supernatural facts of life becomes moot.  Supernatural or temporal, facts are facts.

Humanistic religion, spiritual ignorance, and temporal corruption are a trio of enticements that tempt the Soul with ideas, notions, nostrums, and potions:  anything to make life easier here and now even as the fourth-dimension of time propels every atomic thing forward in a speeding one-way journey toward...what?  This old world is full of books that attempt to predict what might happen next.

A book means nothing if the Soul reading it does not embrace the ideas contained by the book.  Words frozen with ink onto a surface of paper are dead until the Soul-imagination gives them life.

Historical information containing the supernatural facts of living has taken many forms since the beginning of time.  And over time, the information about supernatural things has been diluted, romanticized, sensationalized.  Casual dishonesty, cool prevarication, and outright lies are an inextricable, immeasurable component of the Soul's experience on Earth:  especially in the spiritual, i.e., supernatural aspects of living.  Sorting the lies from the actual facts has always been difficult.

On the moment of this writing in June 2002 there has never been another time in all of recorded history when so many human creatures (living Souls????) have embraced outright lies and defended their embraced lies as "truth."  Long arguments of rationale are written by "learned men" who attempt to justify the supernatural evil of lies in terms of mankind's pursuit of pleasure and avoidance of pain:  People do whatever they must to get what they want...and it is their right to do so.  The deadly effect of believing such lies is more evident in each passing day.  There is a widening rampage of Death taking place in forms that were unimaginable a scant 50 years ago.  And still, the majority holds to their studied ignorance of the supernatural evil assaulting their eyes and ears in every turn of the 24-7 new cycle.

God Himself is no liar.  For all eternity and since the beginning of time on Earth, God the Father has made demonstrations of Himself as the supreme Sovereign and ultimate arbiter in all things.  No exceptions of any kind exist outside the realm of the Father's eternal vision and influence.  God sees it all.  God knows it all.  God knows how it all fits together.  God can do anything to everything.  To think otherwise is to believe a lie.

Only God knows how many living Souls on Earth to-day are believing lies about Him.  Only God knows how many living Souls on Earth to-day have willingly chosen to ignore the manifestation that He made of Himself in His Christ, Jesus of Nazareth.  Only God knows precisely why living Souls on Earth to-day are literally choosing to justify their pointed ignorance of Him with mushy, spiritualistic, scientific, political, religionized, humanist rationale that will not hold a single drop of pure water.  People lie to each other.  Nobody lies to God.

For many generations God Himself has been quite open in declaring:  "I am not willing that any of you should perish.  My Soul takes no pleasure in the destruction of the wicked.  Turn to me.  I will turn to you."  The constant action of a Soul-in-flesh turning and turning again and again is the beginning and the end of "worship in Spirit and in truth."  It is perfectly secret because it cannot be otherwise.  God is in "the still, small voice."  Whatever God chooses to reveal to any living Soul is between that Soul and God Alone.  Outward signs of "worship" in to-day's world are not necessary.  Jesus told the Samaritan woman that He was putting an end to public displays of worship and changing the ordinance to "worship in Spirit and in truth."

In these last days, God has indeed "spoken to us by His Son."  With a few thousand written words, the quiet cataclysm of Christ's appearance is told in the so-called New Testament of the so-called Holy Bible.  But all the words in all the books of the world would not be enough to convince the impenitent, impertinent, willingly ignorant Soul of God's goodwill toward men in His Christ and of the impending doom that God has prepared for the evident corruption of this old world.

And yet, in that certain place of perfect secrecy that God maintains for Himself in the heart and mind of every living Soul, the impertinent, impenitent, willingly ignorant living Soul can turn in an instant to "the way, the truth, and the life" of God in Christ.  There is no necessity for any public display of one's turning to God in Spirit and in truth.  God Himself changed the ordinance of worship 2000 years ago but people are still hewing to many forms of the old traditions.  Jesus said, "You make void the word of God by your traditions."

This page was created on June 25th 2002.

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