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Cosmos of Death
People with a certain turn of mind might think the terse Biblical description of Christ's Death and Resurrection is the stuff of pulp-horror.  Judge for yourself.  Here are a few important details pertaining to the event:

Jesus of Nazareth "cried with a loud voice and gave up the ghost.  
And behold, the veil of the temple was torn in two pieces from the top to the bottom.  The earth did quake.  The graves were opened.   Many bodies of the saints which slept arose and came out of the graves after his resurrection and went into Jerusalem and appeared unto many."

Death is a supernatural experience.   In the natural world, the results of Death are ugly and smell indescribably bad.  From a natural perspective, the existence of "death" is most mysterious and even more terrifying.  Most folks "just don't think about it" because...well, because it's too terrible.  Death...the final frontier.  

People who deny the supernatural character of death are, by their own choice, existing in a shifty, wavering cosmos where humanistic notions of "truth" are always in dispute.  One of the most famous and regrettable questions ever posed in the past 2000 years consists of three words:  "What is truth?"

The supernatural fact of God in His Christ-manifestation as Jesus of Nazareth has been sidetracked.  People comfort themselves with spiritual nostrums (thoughts) that say Jesus of Nazareth is nothing but another "religious leader."  Another religious leader in a world of violently conflicted religious concepts and doctrines.

The present moment of hot religious conflict perfectly fulfills this prophecy:  "These people draw nigh to me with their mouth but their heart is far from me.  In vain they worship me, teaching for doctrine the commandments of men."

On God's Command, all the bogus "religion" of this old world began to wither in the heat of His contemporary Spirit.  Along with the withering of religion, the dross of atomic mortality is being systematically annihilated.  Those who think not would do well to reconsider.  

On God's Command, graves opened and dead human corpses came back to life.  If the corpses had been long-interred, the meat came back on the bones and the individual was recognized, not as a zombie or some other kind of monstrosity, but as a familiar and welcomed ordinary person.  An ordinary person who, at God's Command, enjoyed a most extraordinary experience.

Many people today insist there is no "proof" that the supernatural events surrounding God in His Christ-manifestation ever occurred.

At the present time, the supernatural Curse of Death rules all flesh.  Only by the Command of God through His Christ will that curse be lifted and the halloween horror of impending death be replaced with the certainty of God's power to make the living experience Eternal.  That kind of power is light-years beyond the power of mere "religion."

This page was created on November 22nd 2002.
Atomic Jesus Supernaturalist