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The Real Deal
Philosophers and political writers of this present day have been mulling over the great conflict of  "ideology" between the Christian West and the Islamic East.  Though their arguments and commentaries are useful, they miss an essential point.  This essential point is easy to describe and hard to believe.  What's the point?  This.  The conflict between Islam and Christianity is not derived from any form of human "ideology."  The conflict between Islam and Christianity is entirely spiritual.  The cause behind this spiritual conflict is God.

Daily news of this gathering spiritual storm can be instructive--as a demonstration of pointed ignorance.  The ignorance is enforced strongly by man-made laws requiring a "separation between church and state."  So even though the conflict that occupies today's headlines is unequivocally spiritual, the news says nothing about it.  Citizens are told of political and military machinations.  The Real Deal is hardly (if ever) mentioned.

The living God has set this conflict in array to make a point.  God has determined to establish His Good and destroy His Evil.  People are apt to be confused by this fact because many, many people have been taught that God is incapable of Evil.  For those who might be interested, verses five, six, and seven in the forty-fifth chapter of Isaiah speak directly to the fallacy of this absurd notion.  God is God and nothing that exists came from anywhere else but Him.  To think (let alone believe) that the power of Evil is unknown to God is ludicrous.  Without God, nothing in this cosmos could possibly exist; no good, no evil, no light, no darkness, no peace, no war, no-nothing.  The forces of Good and Evil are supernatural powers that God wields as He will.  People on Earth may not like it but their childish animosity changes nothing.  It only adds to the growing confusion.

Two-thousand years ago (give or take) God made a brief manifestation of Himself on planet Earth in the form of a man known as Jesus of Nazareth.  This manifestation of God-in-the-flesh is, unquestionably, the most disturbing event to ever occur in the history of mankind to date.  Bad jokes and black lies are told about Jesus of Nazareth but the noise of His Exploit rings to this day.  People think the noise about Jesus is religious propaganda.  No doubt, more than one charlatan has made a comfortable living manipulating the astonishing information that Jesus of Nazareth poured into the stream of human consciousness.  But the spiritual facts of the Christ-man's sojourn are beyond the power of man to corrupt.  God opened a new door in His Christ-manifestation.  Those who have walked through that door know that no man can shut that door.

Philosophers and pundits turn out clever reasoning to explain current events.  Every day the paper-boy brings more.  None of it is conclusive.  Satisfaction of the human need for sentimental thrills has taken on many forms over the years.  Modern media moguls make a nice buck feeding the sentimental desires of political factions, religious factions, scientific factions, theatrical factions, sexual factions, regional factions, national factions, market factions, yadda-yadda-yadda.

There is nothing factional about the living God, His Christ, or His presently extant Spirit of truth.  Neither is there anything "religious" about His intentions toward the whole of mankind.  Whatever He has in His Mind for the future of our troublesome race is sure to be a challenge for anyone who manages to escape this present phase without being snookered by a lot of fancy-sounding religious and political folderol invented by ignorant Souls who either cannot or will not accommodate themselves to the fact that mankind is a creature-race and God is the Creator who has invested every living Soul with His own virtuous power of choice.  Choosing to think otherwise is not wise.

This page was created on February 17th 2003.
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