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More About Good and Evil
God said, "Let us create the adam in our image and in our likeness."  The supernatural process of making it so has been ongoing but not without pain and death.  Pain and death are caused by the knowledge of good and evil.  Until this Age is consummated, pain and death will continue and increase.  Unabated, the knowledge of good and evil consumes the flesh, and destroys the living Soul.  These are not mystio-religious conjectures.  These are facts.  The knowledge of good and evil is more deadly than cyanide.  Confusion of thought and desire caused by the knowledge of good and evil produces spiritual illusions that cannot be discerned through natural perception or intellect.  

God made it known to the male and female progenitors of the adam-species:  "...but from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you shall not eat, for in the day that you eat from it you will surely die."  Since those words came into the stream of human history, people have fussed over what kind of "tree" and what kind of "fruit" could could bring the decay, decrepitude and waste of Death into the Earth and its surrounding universe.  

Vain questions about Death are evidence of good-and-evil-knowledge at work in the heart and mind of the living Soul.  Mankind studies "the cause of death" with scientific instruments.  Science cannot forestall the moment of Death.  By scientific standards, the phenomenal presence of Death in this world of living things is a perfect mystery.  Humanity is in a supernatural predicament that defies solution by any means of human ingenuity or enterprise. The knowledge of good and evil has produced confusion and death throughout the human race.  Every day, the news of the day proves it.

The one-and-only solution for the problem comes "not by might, not by power, but by my Spirit says the LORD of hosts."  

By His Spirit working through the womb of a human female, God prepared the atomic flesh for a bodily manifestation of Himself on planet Earth.  This manifestation of the living God is known today as Jesus of Nazareth.  Manifest as Jesus of Nazareth, God explained many things.  Finally, the Christ-man said, "I will not leave you comfortless."  The Comforter is the Spirit of God.  

Comfort and peace can be accessed by anyone who turns to God "in Spirit and in truth."  How each Soul turns to God (or not) is between that Soul and God Alone.  Knowledge of good and evil corrupts the purity of every Soul's childlike trust.  God can renew a withered Soul''s power of trust.  Why is it so hard to believe that God walked the Earth like a man?  Without the comfort of God, the Soul is tossed like a twig in a storm of thoughts and desires.  Thoughts and desires are powerful spiritual fields influenced by the knowledge of good and evil.  Without the intervention of God through His Spirit, the Soul has no certain comfort.  The temporary comforts of riches, bread, and circuses waxes old and fades away.   Why is it so hard to believe that the Comforter is the Spirit of God?  The knowledge of good and evil destroys the flesh and withers the Soul.  

Access to the Comfort of God begins and continues in the perfect secrecy of perfectly secret prayers.  No one on Earth has any right to know what anyone else says in their prayers to God.  The Christ-man condemned public prayer and Ordered all prayer to be made and kept in secret.   It is impossible to overstate the Majesty of the relationship that God Himself delights in establishing between Himself and the earthbound Soul who prays, like a trusting child, in perfect secrecy.

The great Soul of Nazareth was born of woman.  His birth and death establish certified kinship with every Soul who ever came to Earth in a body of human flesh.  Jesus of Nazareth conquered the flesh-death and Soul-destruction caused by the knowledge of good and evil.  To the Soul on Earth today, this new and living way of  life opens in the secrecy of perfectly secret prayer "...not by might, not by power, by my Spirit says the LORD of hosts."  Knowledge of good and evil is powerful spiritual information; powerful enough to make the simplest things hardest to believe.
This page was created on May 6th 2003.