The Supernaturalist

Old Misconceptions
On planet Earth, the living Soul journeys through time in a body of atomic flesh.  Humans have figured out ways to manipulate flesh with medical drugs and surgical techniques to help the flesh-construct to enjoy a "longer prime of life."  But Death always comes and the living Soul travels on to its destiny.  The living Soul, (a.k.a. "the breath of God")  is the life-force of human flesh.  The Soul is a spiritual life-form and is beyond the grasp of that curious human desire to study and categorize everything in the Earth-universe.

The living Soul is The Breath of God.  When the Soul is called forth from its body of flesh, the flesh is deceased.  The departed Soul is kept by God.  Where and how God keeps departed Souls is a secret of profound Godly Secrecy.  Many people today (because there is no "scientific" proof of its existence) flatly refuse to believe there is any such thing as "a living Soul" or, for that matter, any such personage as God the Almighty.

The purely "scientific" mind demands proof for everything.  Some people measure the virtue of life only by the strength of physical perception.  Those who continually choose the universe of "no-Soul-no-God" are perfectly free to do so--for the moment.  But to say that God and the living Soul "have no proven existence" is comparable to the claim (once believed) that the Sun revolves around the Earth.  Old misconceptions die hard.  Old misconceptions about God, His Christ, His Spirit, and His living Soul die hardest of all.

This page was created January 28th 2003.