Atomic Jesus Supernaturalist

Human Nature and The Living Soul
It is human nature to doubt that God Himself walked the earth as a human being.  Two-thousand years ago.  In Jerusalem.  On the streets.  Through the fields.  God walked the earth as a man and the man's name was (and is) Jesus of Nazareth.

But human nature being what it is, a citizen of today doesn't pay much attention to the supernatural facts of being a human being.  And if a citizen happens to think of themselves as a "spiritual person" their ideas of spirituality probably don't include too much factual information about God Himself, the Father of all spirits.

It is an accepted form of human behaviour to doubt and question "god."  God Himself is Who He Is.  Outside the troublesome realm of humanity in the larger realms of God's Eternal Kingdom, the inhabitants of those realms have no doubt about Who Is in charge.

But here on planet Earth in the year 2003 (as these words are now being written), there is a global turn toward an even deeper ditch of human doubt about God Himself.  The witch's brew of mere religion keeps the people of this old world in a stew of "theological conflict."

Theological conflict boils down to violence on the ground.  Nowadays, adherents of Islamic theology are having their turn at making a global crusade for the cause of the "god" they serve.  Their terrifying crusade is reminiscent of the "christian crusaders" that marched here and there a few hundred years ago.

So it goes.  God is Himself and God walked the earth as Himself in the form of an ordinary-looking man who said and did the most extraordinary things ever uttered and done by any human being anywhere, anytime. 

Human nature is human nature.  The rebellious and disobedient nature of a two-year old child is a fair depiction of human nature in general.  "I want what I want when I want it."  Adult humans may curb their own childish tendencies with self-discipline but those childish urgencies are never far beneath the surface of "acceptable adult behaviour."

It's human nature to quibble and whine like a two-year old and say, (for instance), "Well I think if God is so full of love and peace that He wouldn't allow people to be as cruel and greedy as they are.  I think if God really existed He would change things.  I think that "god" must be some kind of myth that got invented a long time ago.  I think "god" is a big joke."

Since God is God and does perfectly as He Will, and since people are people and none are perfect, the general outcome is predictable.  People go about their imperfect affairs in this imperfect cosmos of flesh and turn themselves away from the only hope anyone has ever had of actually understanding anything about this electromagnetic cosmos inspired and interwoven with the Soul-structure that God breathed into the adam-species.

Even a two-year old understands that some things are bigger than itself.  But mommy and daddy teach the two-year old things that are not factual.  Mommy and daddy themselves were once two years old.  And they were probably taught the same brand of spiritual dis-information.  It's a vicious circle that's as old as time itself.

God did not create mankind to be His slaves.  He created mankind to live within the field of Liberty "wherewith Christ has set us free."  The "christian" crusaders and the Islamic crusaders both claim to be serving a "god" that demands bloody action; action to impose the "will of god" on those who (they believe) are not living according to their own imperfectly religious ideas of "god's" perfect will.

Human nature is doubtful, fearful, and given to illusions of grandeur.  At this late date in the scheme of things, human nature is feeding itself with a kind of hubris that is unprecedented.  Politicians and theologians, leaders in human society at every level and in every culture are now spewing words that allow people to think that somehow, mankind will find a way to deliver itself from the evils of this old world.  No one is much concerned with the fact that the powers of good and evil are supernatural powers--overwhelming and present in every instant--and that every living Soul is compelled to choose (in every instant) between the influences of good and evil that are at play within the heart-and-mind structures of their respective Souls.

The simplicity of what God Himself has set in motion within this cosmos of flesh is obscured by the jive of politics and religion, science and theology.  Human nature is curious and human creatures are always on the lookout for a new way of looking at things around them.  The perpetual search for something "new" has produced a world of essentially meaningless details that preoccupy the Soul-in-flesh.  No thought or endeavor of humanity is ever without a mountain of contingencies casting a long, dark shadow into the impenetrable future.

The crusaders of every religious cause ever undertaken in human history were inspired by a notion of "the future" that they believed would become manifest if they (the crusaders) were faithful to whatever commands they imagined their "god" expected them to follow.

And what has been the result?  The continuing erosion of the living Soul's ability to see (like an innocent two-year old child) that some things are simply beyond the grasp of the natural human tendency to reach beyond its limitations.  Imaginations of eternal life in a perfect peaceful world are commonly discussed.  Devices and contrivances of human invention are routinely offered as possible avenues for achieving these worthy hopes.

Even as the effects of hubris do their deadly work in the global milieu of the living Soul, it is becoming more and more evident that humanistic solutions to the problems of humanity are incapable of actually solving the problems that humanity faces.  The nature of this electromagnetic universe is ruled by decay.  Nothing can change the so-called "natural laws" of the Earth, its universe, and all they contain.  In the human sphere, the supernatural experience of Death, concludes the journey of every living Soul.

It is human nature to avoid and ignore the certainty of Death.  It is human nature to make bad jokes and simply turn away from every serious thought that might occur if the Soul wherein such thoughts arise were to, instead, spend and hour or two in some honest contemplation of things as they are rather than as the various leaders of global culture say.

God could have fixed things so that every living Soul would come to Earth from between the feet of its mother with full enlightenment of His Spirit.  As it is, God has fixed things so that the progression of a living Soul from the womb to the grave is a progression of opportunities and choices. 

God Himself walked the Earth as Himself in the form of an ordinary man.  That man was "tempted in all points as we are."  Words like "temptation" are freighted with religious overtones that more than a few people find meaningless in light of the present situation.  Nevertheless, the Christ-man endured every weakness and foible of every thought and desire that has ever occurred anywhere at anytime within the scheme of of the living-Soul construct.  It's human nature to doubt such a fact, but human doubt has no effect on such things.  Facts are facts.

Until its time on Earth runs out, every Soul passing through this fleshy electromagnetic universe has experiences and thoughts and hopes that point to a better day in a better world beyond the reaches of space and time.  It's unfortunate that run-of-the-mill human nature views these hopes as "foolishly childish pipedreams."  The Christ-man said, "Unless you become as a little child, you shall in no wise enter into the kingdom of God."   

The living-Soul construct is a spiritual form of being now expressed through a decaying, electromagnetic cosmos of flesh.  The spiritual Soul and the electromagnetic flesh both originated in the Mind of God.  The Soul and the flesh were formed and coalesced into a singular entity by God's employment of His own creative know-how.  All flesh in its present form has been cursed with the Curse of Death.  The living Soul on Earth exists in a balance that God in Himself has struck, in the flesh, between Time and Eternity.  

The Christ-man was (and is) the fullest and final expression of the living Soul's potential in this decaying electromagnetic universe.  The Christ-man made a way where there was no way for the rest of us to actually see beyond the limitations of time and space into that "better world" that any reasonable person hopes for.

The pathway of vision opened by the Christ-man is Sealed with a Covenant of Blood.  The Blood of the Christ-man is a unique element of being that was spilled out of Eternity into the stream of time when the political and religious leaders thought to rid themselves of this remarkable individual who posed a threat to their power.

They failed then and they fail now.  What's done is done.  Human nature and the opinions that spring up in the garden of human nature are on one side.  God is on the other.  Since the beginning of time it has been so.  The spiritual, supernatural facts of being a human being have not changed.  The nature of merely human nature has not changed.  God Himself has certainly not changed.

The Christ-man walked the Earth saying and doing things that are unprecedented to this day.  One of the final things He said is ignored by all the world and the whole world pays the price of its own woeful ignorance.  Jesus said, "I will send you my Spirit.  He will lead you into all truth and show you things to come."  It is a flatly stated, universally offered, Blood Covenanted Promise from God Himself to every living Soul.  This Great Promise has been printed and spoken in every language of man. 

The potential contained in The Promise is available to every living Soul with fortitude enough to look beyond the questions and doubts of their own human nature and beyond the sad doubts and misgivings and false hopes offered by political leaders, religious leaders, scientists, philosophers, theologians, sociologists, government study-groups and any other entity of merely human enterprise.

God walked the Earth and delivered The Goods to all the Souls who have ever passed through this troublesome, painful life.  It takes more than a passing interest to see past the obscurity created by the weakness and confusion of ordinary human nature.  God walked the Earth to clear away the darkness.  Seeing the light begins with a choice that more than a few people are simply unwilling to make for reasons best known only to themselves...and God.

This page was written and created on July 4th 2003 in the United States of America.