Atomic Jesus Supernaturalist

The Field of Thought
The existence of a living Soul on planet Earth is a spiritual experience with overtones of physical appearance.  Human action-on-the-ground begins in the realm of thought.  During every instant of a Soul's time on Earth, the immeasurable field of thought is producing a bumper-crop of fleeting desires, fiery emotions, heated urgencies and strange compulsions.  

Some people learn not to "give in" to every whim that passes over them.  Some people never deny themselves any form of indulgence.  Human experience in this old world is a confused paradise of pleasure and pain. A Soul's awareness of this experience on Earth begins in the field of thought.

Thoughts are spiritual entities--fractional bits of unique spiritual information that comprise the identity-structure and character of every living Soul.  Some thoughts are inspired by the supernatural power of good.  Some thoughts are inspired by the supernatural power of evil.  Good or evil, all thoughts are spiritual.  The electrical pattern of activity in a human brain is evidence of thoughts in process.  No scientist anywhere has ever captured one single thought and put it on a slide for microscopic study.  

Thoughts are invisible, intangible, immeasurable quantities of spiritual energy occurring within the being of every living Soul.  The field of thought is a realm that exists beyond the limits of time and space.

Human creatures are fond of inventing their own ideas of what is "spiritual" and what is not spiritual.  Many who express a fondness for spiritual things make a point of ignoring the elementary spirituality of their own thoughts.  As things are now, the initial point of interface between the larger realms of Heaven and Earth and a living Soul on Earth today is that Soul's own unique field of thought.
This page was created on April 13th 2003.