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Then said Jesus said to them, "Therefore every scribe 
which is instructed unto the kingdom of heaven is 
like a man that is an householder, which brings 
forth out of his treasure things new and old."
Matthew 13:52

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Singular Thoughts About:



One Thing and Another

The Strife of Religion

 Soul-Cosmos, Humanism, and Thought

Vanishing Worlds

Jesus of Nazareth versus The 72 Virgins


T H E   S U P E R N A T U R A L I S T:  H O M  E


Volume 1


Poetry From  8th-Century  Ireland

Atomic Facts 

Old Misconceptions

Troubling Infinities

The Power of Reason

The Cynic's View

Certain Things, Briefly Told 

 Science, Theology & God

Politics and God

The Veil of Death

You Cannot Bear Them Now

Before The Incarnation

The Ultimate Singularity

Surface Tension

Godless Intellectualism


The Infinite Sea

God Is Not Daddy.  God Is Father.

Terrifying Thoughts

The Field of Thought

The Supernatural Substance of Faith

Well-Reasoned Insanity

    In Spirit and In Truth

Conditions of Peace

Body of Shame 


More About "Sophistication"



T H E   S U P E R N A T U R A L I S T:  H O M  E


  Volume 2

Poetry From  8th-Century  Ireland 

Atomic Facts

Souls on Earth

The Etcetera of Death

No Third Way

More About Good and Evil


Good & Evil, Simply Explained

Informed Thought

Military Logic

Satan's Being & The Destruction of Evil

Kingdoms of Dust

The Real Deal


Audacious Truth


Savage Vanity

Bogus Confession

The Presence

The Childrens' War

The Waiting    

Saul then. Saul now.


The Shame of All Flesh

Desire In The Cosmos of Mankind

The Sho'nuff God

Holy Father!  Lord of Light!
Lead us thru this gathering night!
Help us Pray!  Help us Stand!
In this Good and Evil land.


T H E   S U P E R N A T U R A L I S T:  H O M  E


  Volume 3

Poetry From  8th-Century  Ireland

Atomic Facts 

Strife Between The Forces of Good and Evil

The Masks of Religion

That Darkness

Emperor Allah

More of You


Cult Not

Profit and Loss

Obsolete Flesh

Sunrise.  Sunset.

The Canaanite Woman

The Courage of God

Traditions of "Religious Thought" Poison God's Truth

Warning and Hope



Traditions of Men Lead The Soul To Destruction

Fantasies of Oblivion

Impressive Buildings With Pretty Windows

Cosmos of Suspense:  The Tree of Life and The Knowledge of Good and Evil

The Man-Alone Theory

The Jews and The Pharisees

Adding One-and-One

Reading The Bible

Potsherds in Strife


T H E   S U P E R N A T U R A L I S T:  H O M  E


  Volume 4

Poetry From  8th-Century  Ireland 

Atomic Facts

Worship In Spirit and In Truth:   The Secret Office of Prayer

Sexy Thoughts

Atomic Jesus Supernaturalist:  Beyond Human Logic

Enemies of Freedom

Forgiven.  Not Forgiven.

Refusing "religion" and godless intellectualism  (must read)

The Background Hum of Lies

The Product of Evil, The Church & The Rapture

The Right of Command

Outside The Box

New Blood in The Heart of The Earth

"This is the new testament of my blood which is shed for you."

The Living Soul 


The "If Only..." Syndrome

The Doom of Nothing


T H E   S U P E R N A T U R A L I S T:  H O M  E


Articles below this line are being edited.


Shield of Blood

Passing Time

Refuting The Bitch-Life Doctrine



H u m i l i a t i o n


Horns of The Dilemma & The Very First Lie

Cosmos of Death

Lies and Cowardice in The Cosmos of Flesh

The certainty of what God Only knows...

Freedom To Live or Be Destroyed

The Need for Secrecy in Worship

Perfect Judgment

Terrors of The Beasts

The Last Days of Good and Evil

That One Lie

Understand Good and Evil

The Living God Does Not Change.
People Do.

Carcass Dreaming

There Is Only One Cure For Boneheadedness

The Relativity of Death  

A Glimpse of Who I Am

Traditions of Men Lead 
The Soul Toward Destruction

Changing Water to Wine

The Secret War of Prayer

Cold Days in The Heat of Summer

The Speed of Light & Beyond

Slaves of Secularism, Slaves of Islam

The Supernatural Power of Ignorance

Symbols in The Ink

The Knowledge of Good and Evil

Want Versus Need

Perfect Skill in Terror & Comfort

The Rude Work of Philosophers and Others

The Deceptive Veil of Human Knowledge

The Coming Storm

A Name That No Man Knows

God in His Christ-manifestation

Surface Tensions

Audacious Truth

Kingdoms of Dust


Peons of Lucifer

The Alpha and Omega Man

Time runs out.  Space collapses.

Let the dead bury the dead.

Unique Words

Iron-fisted Control; Velvet-glove Influence


Tweak & Fiddle

Meat, Blood, Bones, and Death


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"Behold  the fear of the LORD.  That  is wisdom.  To depart from evil is understanding." Job 28:28


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