The Man-Alone Theory  Question:  Are the heart and mind of every human creature quickened and inspired by the living Soul that God has woven into the being of human flesh?  That's a question only God can answer.  But it is certain, without question, that every human creature suffers the loss of innocence and the numerous indignities that have afflicted humanity since the beginning of time.  Some people now deny there ever could have been a time or a place like The Garden of Eden.  Some people now say that this present world is the best of all possible worlds.

Even though people have always hoped for and dreamed of "a better world," many people are now resigned to believing there is no better hope than the hope of Man Alone.  Man Alone has (according to the Theory} evolved from a long series of mindless astronomical and biological accidents.  The supreme law of the Man Alone Theory is The Law of Survival.  Whatever it takes to perpetuate one's own arc through time is what must be done.  Survival of the fittest.  Survival of the strongest.  Survival of the most ruthless and the most cunning.

Man Alone is now a monstrous species of heartless hypocrites mouthing the language of tolerance, morality, equality, compassion, and ethics.  But in fact, Man Alone (according to the Theory) cannot really afford kindness, compassion, or tolerance.  One's arc of existence could be suddenly terminated by another less-given to those strange moralistic and ethical ruminations.  "Survival of The Fittest" is the supreme law that cannot be compromised.  The weak must perish.

Human existence on planet Earth is now an experience of escalating terror and hypocrisy.  The foolishness of mere religion, the rigorous discipline of clever science, the high-flown gibberish of humanist philosophy, and the wasteful exploit of runaway-technology gives false hopes to many who may have succumbed (for the Moment) to The Theory of Man-Alone.

But in fact, God the Creator of all things is not dead and the spiritual, i.e., supernatural facts of being a human being have not changed.  The Christ of God has lately walked the Earth as a human creature named Jesus of Nazareth.  By His Spirit, the Christ-man has refreshed the whole Earth.  But the ways of the old world die hard and the lustful shame of all the old world's flesh is powerful.  The shame and the corruption caused by the misappropriated Knowledge of Good and Evil obscure the living Soul's perception of itself as a spiritual being that exists at all times in the Presence of God.  Now it is easier by far to believe Theories of Man Alone than to even try and understand anything the Christ-man said about "the darkness of this present world."  Nevertheless, in this present world of decay and death, the Christ-man has made a way for Himself to bind up the brokenhearted and restore sight to the blinded Souls of the Earth.  Taking the way of the Christ-man begins with a choice

The loopy evolutionary logic of Man-Alone Theory is a prime example of how helplessly mankind struggles in his own pitiful strength against the overwhelming forces of an overwhelming universe.  Without God Himself intervening through the Office of His Appointed Spirit, a living Soul has no more chance of surviving the trials of Eternity than the earthy body it presently inhabits has of surviving the rot of the grave.

The spiritual Soul is a living entity of one kind.  The earthy body of mortal flesh is a living entity of another kind.  God created them both and joined them together.  Beginning to actually understand the present dichotomy of existence on planet Earth begins with choosing to accept the facts as they are instead of embracing theories which can only speculate on how things might turn out in the cruel universe of Man Alone.

This page was created on February 16th 2004.