"Outrageous Confessions from A Regenerated Dead Man."
Atomic Jesus Supernaturalist

The Background Hum of Lies
God has allowed the generation of lies to hum in the background through every passing instant of time

The static fizz of lies amounts to much more than crooked words sliding off a glib human tongue.  Lies are a supernatural power.  Lies are the generative force behind the power of Death.  Lies breed fear, anguish, despair, violence, and every other form of corruption now afflicting the Earth. 

Satan, also known as Lucifer, is named and condemned by God Himself as "the father of lies."  The atomic processes of decay and annihilation, along with larger cataclysms that occasionally strike the Earth, have erased all evidence of the cosmos that existed before Satan corrupted everything with his first lie:  "The knowledge of good and evil will make a god of you."

Decay and cataclysm in the Earth and its surrounding universe are the results of that lie.  That very first lie had no power in the Dominion of Earth until the first female and male of the adam-species gave life to the lie by believing it.  People to-day who believe the foregoing information is false believe a lie.

The gift of Liberty that God gives to every living Soul allows that Soul to believe God or believe lies.  If God had prohibited the right of choice in the first male and female, He would have compromised the perfection of His Liberty in them.  If people cannot be free to choose whatever they like, then freedom does not exist.  So it was and so it is that lies and the anguish of lies have come to life on Earth:  by choice.

At this writing in June 2002 the background hum of lies runs through the heart and mind of every living Soul.  There is no natural way of escape from the certain Death and Soul-destruction caused by the power of lies. 

There is only one sure way for a living Soul to escape the interference and destruction caused by lies.  It is a supernatural path blazed through the darkness of this old world and marked with the Blood of God Himself.  God's Spirit in His Christ Jesus of Nazareth said once (and says to-day):  "I am the truth.  I am the way.  I am the life.  No man comes to the Father except by me.  Come to me all who are heavy laden.  I will give you rest."

By now, many (if not most) people on planet Earth are so bound up in the lies they have embraced, it would seem impossible for them to escape their bondage.  It is always easier to believe lies instead of choosing to face the supernatural facts of living.

The malarkey of "religion" further complicates a situation that is impenetrable by any form of unregenerate human intelligence.  Human intelligence without God's Enlightenment is little more than animal-cunning with thumbs and tools.

However God Himself might choose to enlighten a living Soul is a strictly held supernatural secret.  Trying to explain God's methods of immediate and effective influence is like trying to explain why the great waters remain in the seas instead of being flung out into space at one thousand miles and hour by the spinning of this globe. 

God does what only God can do.  Only God can prevent a Soul from being consumed in the fiery anguish of the lies that now darken every instant of every passing day.

Lies have not always existed and will not always exist.  God allows the background hum of lies to remain as a very great influence that flows around every living Soul.

If a living Soul on Earth to-day ever gets a clear glimpse of how the power of lies darkens the experience of living, that Soul in that instant can know with certainty that God Himself in His Christ-Spirit has touched them.  No one can see Truth without God's help.  To think otherwise is to believe a lie.

This page was created on June 24th 2002