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The Last Days of Good and Evil
The grotesque corruption of Death in the Earth is an object-lesson.  Death came to life on Earth because of rebellion and disobedience.  God had made it clear:  the fruit of "the knowledge of good and evil" is absolutely lethal.  Partake of it and die.

The first of the adam-species were beguiled into partaking of the forbidden fruit with a lie made by prince Lucifer.  Lucifer is the evil prince who once challenged the Sovereignty and power of God Himself.  The rebellion of Lucifer is no folk-legend.  It is an event of eternal consequence that will never be forgotten throughout the ages of eons yet-to-come.

The majority of people who dwell in the Earth now prefer to ignore the spiritual facts of life.  The knowledge of good and evil has corrupted them and their entire universe.  The decay that begins at the subatomic level of every atomic thing does its relentless work.  Decay and death are woven into the atomic fabric of the Earth-universe.  No invention of mankind will stop the march to the grave.  Hut-2-3-4-hut-2-3-4...

People die violently.  People die quietly in their beds surrounded by loved ones.  People die of disease.  People die alone.  People die en masse.  The number of ways that people can die is practically infinite.  But there is only one kind of Death.  Dead is dead.

Jesus of Nazareth died the death of all flesh and then CAME BACK TO LIFE!  Ever since it happened (around 2000 years ago) people have been trying to put a "religious" spin onto the doings of Jesus.  At the remove of two-thousand years, quite a number of people feel comfortable in denying that Jesus of Nazareth could ever have accomplished the feats of supernatural power being touted by the mavens of so-called "christianity."

The knowledge of good and evil has the effect of generating and endless loop of questions and doubts about everything.  The inhuman majesty of the gargantuan Earth-universe is not enough to convince some people of God's presence and influence in every passing instant.  And to think that God Himself would make a manifestation of Himself and appear in the form of an ordinary man on Earth...well!  Perish the thought!

It's not the thought that perishes; it's the carcass containing the Soul holding that thought that's perishing.  Jesus of Nazareth says, "Heaven and earth will pass away.  My words will never pass away."  Without the manifestation of God's Christ-in-flesh, the living Soul would have remained a victim of its own corruption.  The lethal knowledge of good and evil exceeds any possible form of unregenerate human understanding.  That's precisely why Jesus of Nazareth declared and promised so much with respect to the necessity of His Spirit.

"I will send you my Spirit, even the Spirit of truth.  He will lead you into all truth and show you things to come.  Without me, you can do nothing."

At this writing in June 2002 the global confusion of the present day should be enough to convince any reasonable person that powers far above the realm of human intellect and influence are rising to greater and greater prominence.  Whether anyone on Earth to-day is willing to admit it or not, the final expressions of good and evil in this old world will also be the greatest expressions of good and evil ever seen by anyone other than God Himself.  Stay tuned, pilgrim.

This page was created on June 7th 2002.

Atomic Jesus Supernaturalist