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The Long Shadow of Old Jerusalem
Whatever of the living Soul may remain in today's world is directly related to that Soul mentioned in the second chapter of Genesis:  And the LORD God formed the adam of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and the adam became a living soul.  (Genesis chapter 2 verse 7) 

"The living Soul" i.e. the species of creature God called the adam, has direct interest in the ancient city of Jerusalem--especially since the LORD HIMSELF has come and walked as a man through those bloody streets.

Choosing what to believe about God and the origin of the species is based, without much exception, in Religion or Science.  Both fields are fertile with great potential for human error.  In today's world, religion is a confusing ritual of theologies, doctrines, dogmas.  In scientific circles "truth" is supposed to be a set of facts that stand up to the scrutiny of  "the scientific method."  In religious circles, "truth" is whatever a particular theology claims is "true."  In a world of Souls who are increasingly skeptical of all human authority, Science and Religion don't offer much certainty for that rare Soul who sincerely seeks "the truth."

However, Jesus of Nazareth said, once-and-for-all: "I am the truth."  This fact has been on the books for approximately 2000 years.  In the streets and suburbs of old Jerusalem, Jesus of Nazareth said things and did things that, prior to His arrival on the scene, were beyond the imaginative power of even the greatest human imagination.  Souls of that day decided the things that Jesus did were "miracles."  Jesus said the things He did were His "works."  Changing water into wine is no problem IF YOU KNOW HOW TO WORK IT.  Jesus did. 

Until Jesus of Nazareth came along and said, "I am the Truth.  I am the Way.  I am the Life." individuals of the adam species had no idea that human language contained the potential for such self-aggrandizement.  Until Jesus of Nazareth came along and said, "When you have seen me you have seen God." no one in this dying world could have conceived of saying such an outlandish thing. 

At the remove of 20 relatively short centuries, people today can hardly imagine the revolution in the being-of-a-human-being that Jesus of Nazareth brought into the stream of experience on planet Earth.  In the streets and suburbs of old Jerusalem, Jesus of Nazareth said what He said and did what He did.  Of all the characters who were alive and influential during that period, only the Christ-man's activities have any bearing on the events of today.  The history of Jesus and the works that Jesus did is an anecdotal history.  It has been transmitted through time in the pages of a famous book:  the so-called "Holy Bible." 

By scientific standards, anecdotal evidence about anything is inadmissible.  Fact, according to the scientific canon, must be supported with demonstrative proof.  On the other hand, the religions of this old world say that "the facts" about some things are simply beyond the scope of human comprehension.  Certainly, the mysteries and unanswered questions presented by the existence of planet Earth and its universe have always challenged the prowess of human perception.

Since the origin of the adam species is spiritual, it should be a matter of both scientific and religious interest that in the last 50 years, the city of Jerusalem has become a most important point in global affairs.  Whatever happens in Jerusalem today is front-page news around the world.  From within and from around old Jerusalem, troubles now spread to every corner of the globe.  Jesus of Nazareth said it would happen.  And so it is.  His comments on the matter are a grief-stricken reflection of what the prophet Ezekiel foretold in the ninth and eleventh chapters of his visionary book:

The words of Jesus:
"Oh Jerusalem, Jerusalem.  You that kill the prophets and stone them which are sent to you.  How often would I have gathered your children together as a hen gathers her brood under her wings.  But you would not.  Behold your house.  It is left to you desolate.  You shall not see me henceforth until you shall say, 'Blessed is he that comes in the name of the LORD.'"  (Matthew chapter 23 verse 37)

The year at this writing is 2004.  Confusion and terror now reign over much of the earth.  One way or another, all of today's troubles can be traced back to Jerusalem and its suburbs.  The efforts of men there (and everywhere) to govern themselves are failing.  

Readers of these words may scoff.   Or they may be encouraged.  Each of us must choose our actions according to the lights we have chosen to live by.  The spiritual light of old Jerusalem casts a long shadow over the scientific theories and religious philosophies of mankind.  God is not great.  God is God.  Not so long ago, God's Christ-manifestation of Himself walked in the streets of old Jerusalem.  And the Christ-man said the troubled time we live in today would surely come.

Nothing anyone can say or do will keep the prophecy of God from its duly ordained fulfillment.  May God have mercy on all who beseech Him "in Spirit and in  truth."

Lexicon / Concordance for Gen 2:7

English Strong's Hebrew (Root form) Tense
(Click on any item below for Concordance)   (Click)
And the LORD Click to do Phrase Search on 'And the LORD' [03068]    Y@hovah  
God   [0430]    'elohiym  
formed   [03335]    yatsar 8799: Qal Imperfect
man   [0120]    'adam  
[of] the dust Click to do Phrase Search on '[of] the dust' [06083]    `aphar  
of   [04480]    min  
the ground, Click to do Phrase Search on 'the ground' [0127]    'adamah  
and breathed Click to do Phrase Search on 'and breathed' [05301]    naphach 8799: Qal Imperfect
into his nostrils Click to do Phrase Search on 'into his nostrils' [0639]    'aph  
the breath Click to do Phrase Search on 'the breath' [05397]    n@shamah  
of life; Click to do Phrase Search on 'of life' [02416]    chay  
and man Click to do Phrase Search on 'and man' [0120]    'adam  
became a living Click to do Phrase Search on 'became a living' [02416]    chay  
soul.   [05315]    nephesh  


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