Unique Words
Jesus of Nazareth says, "All power in heaven and earth are given to me of my Father."  How many people on Earth to-day actually believe that?  It is a statement without parallel within the memory of mankind.  Out-of-hand dismissal of the man (Jesus), His statement, and its meaning is the majority-response.  All power and all authority in heaven and in earth?  Fuggedduhbowdett!  Gettouttatown!

Some people say it's easier to doubt than it is to believe.  Seen from the worldly perspective, it's true.  This old world is a world of broken dreams, broken promises, broken hearts, broken lives.  This misery list for life on planet Earth has never stopped growing.

So the average citizen scans the horizon for spiritual options and happens to strike upon the thing that Jesus said about His power and authority.  The first response is nearly always something like:  "Well now.  Why doesn't Jesus make this world a better place?  Why doesn't he use his big power and authority to put an end to the suffering and strife in this world?"

With regard to present conditions in this troubled old world, Jesus has, Jesus is, Jesus did, and Jesus will:  in all tenses of time and space the LORD of hosts operates with perfect efficiency.  Lots of people think the Jesus-talk is some kind of magic or mind-control dressed up in religious clothes.  Jesus of Nazareth says what He means and He means what He says.  The problem lots of people have with Jesus is that what The Man Says seems impossible.

The "it seems impossible" response is a personal problem that Jesus Himself relieves when any yearning Soul in this world demonstrates the moxie necessary to (figuratively) sit down, shut-up, be still, and WAIT! for the LORD to make Himself manifest through His Spirit.

It's not complicated.  It's supposed to be done "in secret."  It takes as long as it takes.  It's easy to forget there is no such thing as time in Eternity.

Jesus says, "If you ask for bread, I will not give you a stone.  If you ask for meat, I will not give you a serpent."

The Christ of God walked the Earth as a man.  As a man, Jesus of Nazareth told what He knows to be true.  His words are unique in all the world's literature.  If the majority of people chose to wait faithfully for the particular form of enlightenment God has prepared for them, we would be living in a remarkably different kind of world.


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This page was created on February 20th 2002.