Time runs out.  Space collapses.
Why would anyone want to stay alive on planet Earth to-day?  What is it that compels a person to try and "succeed" at anything?

At the end of His mortal journey through this old, aging world, Jesus of Nazareth spoke at some length about His Spirit.  That Christ-Spirit is the same Spirit that "moved on the face of the waters" when the worlds were formed.  The Spirit of God in Christ involves the fully-orbed creative energy and authority of almighty God.  Without the influence of God through His Christ-Spirit, nothing would be happening in this world because nothing of this world would exist for anything to happen to.

The inevitability of God in Christ is nearly impossible for many citizens of planet Earth to even imagine.  But a shriveled human imagination doesn't stop work in the Big Wheelhouse.  People who value their own opinion more than truth are entitled by God Himself to embrace the darkness of lies.  The supernatural power of God's Freedom is perfect in every living Soul.  There are many now who are using the great power of Freedom to bring lies to life.  Making a lie and making a lie seem true is cunning work.  Some folks make it the work of a lifetime.

From the beginning, God has said that He takes no pleasure in the destruction of the wicked; that He is not willing that any living Soul should perish.  God does not lie.  The wickedness of this old world is produced by the craft and contrivance of human creatures choosing to embrace darkness.  God upholds the power of His Freedom even in those who use it to choose doing evil deeds.  So long as the element of time is called to-day, the present tension between Good and Evil will hold.  The prophecies given by Jesus make it clear that a day and an hour have been appointed wherein the final annihilation of evil will begin.

The person, the living Soul, the Earth-dwelling human creature who casually thinks and casually believes that the truth of God is some sort of "religious option" is believing a lie.  In truth it is no more difficult to believe what God says about Himself than it is to believe there is no God.  One of the most difficult things a person learns (or does not learn) in this world is how to submit to the power of an authority greater than themselves.  All the trouble in this world stems from rebellion against God's Authority.  Artful scholars of trendy social politics make their foxy talk about why things happen like they do.  Jesus said men love darkness and run from the light "because their deeds are evil."

Oh no!  Not me!  I don't do evil things.  I think I'm a good person.  I try hard to help people.  I hope and pray for peace in this world.  How can my deeds be evil?

Anyone who "hopes and prays" for peace in this old world is un-informed at least or willingly ignorant.  There will be no lasting peace in the Earth until a whole new order of time and space has been installed, replacing the present order of darkness and lies.

Many people in every Nation believe the humanist lie that says time and space are the two elements of life that codify and express the humanist notion of "eternity."  In truth, time and space are no less supernatural in character than Freedom, Truth, Honesty, Love, Courage, Honor, etc.  The true character of time and space is quite beyond the grasp of unregenerate human perception.

Some will read these words with a smirk of derision.  That's fine.  Everyone is perfectly free to think, believe, and choose to say whatever they like about God or anything else.  Almighty God in His Christ-Spirit is upholding the perfect power of His Freedom in every living Soul.  God keeps the planets and galaxies in their order.  God keeps His light of Freedom burning in every living Soul. 

Freedom to choose is not produced by genetic material.  The flesh of the human species is a medium through which God Himself has chosen to express the power of His Freedom.  Those who think otherwise would do well to reconsider.  Time runs out.  Space collapses.  It's happening now.


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This page was created on February 18th 2002.