The Alpha and Omega Man
Supernatural facts of life are as inevitable as they are necessary.  Scientists are always on the lookout for the breakthrough that will finally enable them to understand how the atomic Earth and its atomic universe came to be and continue to exist. 

The scientific community should know better.  What they wait for won't happen because it can't happen.  Why?  Because The Beginning and The End are spiritual events.  The Beginning and The End of all things are arranged by God in His Christ.  Period.  God in Christ.  Jesus of Nazareth.  The Alpha and Omega Man.

The Alpha and Omega Man does His level-best to convince people of His Sovereign Authority.  His Authority is exercised not by might or power but by His Spirit.  The Spirit of God in Christ is the creative agent and executive power through whom God the Father carries out His pleasure.

The Spirit of God did brood over the face of the deep in the beginning (described in Genesis).  The active influence of The Spirit is described further Zechariah, chapter four.  Jesus of Nazareth gave an even more complete description of The Spirit in His talk with the Samaritan woman at Jacob's well.  The last words Jesus spoke in reference to His Spirit are astonishing:  "I will send you my Spirit, even the Spirit of truth.  He will lead you into all truth and show you things to come." 

There is nothing religious about God.  There is nothing "religious" about God's manifestation of His Christ in Jesus of Nazareth.  "Religion" is a human invention.  There is nothing religious about the Christ-Spirit.  Jesus told the Samaritan woman that the days of rigorous liturgical worship were over.  "From now on," He said, "Those that worship God will worship in Spirit and in Truth."

How can there be anything "religious" about the truthful, creative Spirit of God?  What can religious practice of any kind add to the Spirit of God now present in the lives of His people?  Through His Spirit, by His Spirit, and in His Spirit, almighty God created all of creation and brought every living thing to life.  What can any religion add to that?

Supernatural facts of life rattle the humanist comfort-zone with rolling thunder of what is yet-to-come.  Secularists chortle and smirk at fundamental religionists.  Fundamental religionists rail against "the godless and the unrighteous."  There are millions and billions of ordinary people whose voices are heard by no one but God and family.  These are caught in a crossfire between secularists and fundamental religionists:  the two sides of that endless argument wherein both sides believe themselves to be absolutely correct in whatever it is they happen to espouse as "the truth."

Jesus of Nazareth began the final settlement of this old world's hash with an ominous declaration:  "I am the way.  I am the truth.  I am the life.  No man comes to the Father [God] except through me."  Not only is the truth objective, it is also a living thing.  A relationship between the living Soul and the living God is the most personal relationship that can occur.  That relationship is now established in Spirit and in truth.

The living Soul comes to life on Earth in a fleshy vessel of pleasure and hot desire.  As God's eternal and all-knowing Christ, it's certain that Jesus of Nazareth knew what was happening from the first instant of His mortal inception in His mother's womb. The ordinary Soul is born the same way Jesus of Nazareth was born:  through the womb-portal, kicking and screaming.    "For we have not an high priest which cannot be touched with the feeling of our infirmities; but was in all points tempted the same as we but remained perfect and unblemished."  The Alpha and Omega Man knows and understands every detail of Earth life.

Jesus of Nazareth walked the walk of Death in this old world.  And He came back to life after suffering the pain and the penalty of mortal Death.  In doing so, Jesus established "the new testament of my blood which is shed for you."  Lots of people think the resurrection of Jesus is a superstitious myth.  Lots of people are dead-wrong.

The idiot twins called Secularism and Fundamental Religion have enslaved many people with self-serving vanity.  Ordinary folks with a lick of sense ought to snap out of it and get truly hip to the supernatural fact of the matter:  there ain't a damn thing "religious" about The Alpha and Omega Man.


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