Peons of Lucifer
There are billions of evil thoughts and deeds occurring in every fluid instant of time as it flows over this old world.  Every evil thought and deed is insulated by the new testament Christ-blood.  From the smallest subconscious intimation of evil to the greatest outright evil act, all the evil in the world is covered by the blood of Jesus.  It's a supernatural fact of life.

Supernatural facts don't have much traction in the material world.   Self-indulgence and secular indoctrination hardens the heart and deadens the mind.  More than a few people to-day are convinced that Jesus of Nazareth is only one of many "religious leaders."  Lots of people think the history of Jesus is a superstitious myth.  Consequences of this grotesque misrepresentation of God's Christ are evident to-day in this world of living death.

Millions of people exercise their supernatural power of Freedom to actively choose thinking that God, His Christ, and His Christ-Spirit are "religious ideas" irrelevant to the busy-ness of daily living.  Those thinking so may be prominent in society, captains of industry, and civic leaders.  Or, they could be an ordinary citizen:  hardworking, tax-paying; doing their level best to do-the-right-thing.

God invested the power of His Freedom into the life of every living Soul.  He will not compromise the perfection of His Freedom with any form of coercion.  Everyone is perfectly free to choose thinking whatever they like about God.

To choose thinking that God in His manifestation as Jesus of Nazareth is nothing but a "religious myth" is evil.  There is no other way to describe it.  Secular humanism and religious fanaticism degenerate the imagination.  The power of Imagination and the power of Freedom operate together with seamless fluidity in every living Soul.  There is nothing at all "religious" about God, His Christ, and His Spirit.  Religion is a human invention.

The majesty of life is withered and the experience of living is shriveled in the Soul choosing to think of Father-God as less than He is; to imagine that Jesus of Nazareth is a religious fanatic or a megalomaniac-liar. 

The horrifying truth about evil is that it can be disguised with fine distinctions.  And it is certain that only God is able to distinguish between the honest doubt of a yearning Soul and the conscious choice of the hard-hearted Soul who imagines and believes there is no God.


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