Atomic Jesus Supernaturalist

The Sho'nuff God
Fires of Soul-destruction are kindled by wickedness.  But those fires cannot consume the Soul without the fuel of superheated, insatiable desire.  The choice given to every human is always to "give in" or not.  Give... into what?

Self-discipline is not "good will."  Jesus asked, "Why are you calling me good?  There is none good, but God."  But people cling to the vain imagination of their own "good behaviour" anyway.  In truth, there is nothing truly good about the status of this old world except the fact that almighty God has not annihilated it and the very memory of it from His otherwise peaceful and productive eternal kingdom.

It is shocking to realize that God truly does not need the aggravation that everyone everywhere perpetrates against Him and His good will.  There are no exceptions.  No one on planet Earth has ever measured up to the perfection God demands except The One sent to do that work:  Jesus of Nazareth.  He did it and settled everyone's hash.  It's shocking to realize that God needs none of the global malarkey now being discussed in the news as "religion."  God does not need the institutions of Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, or any other device of religion.

The Christ told the Samaritan woman at Jacob's well that a new order of worship in Spirit and in truth was being instituted by His own initiation into the flesh-life of this world as the man named Jesus of Nazareth.  Jesus told the woman that true worship is not to be in a certain mountain.  Worship is not to be in a temple at Jerusalem.  Worship is not to be in Mecca.  Worship is not to be in a synagogue, in a church-house, in a mosque, or in any other "place" in this world of places.  Since the time of Jesus, the worship of God is now ordained to be carried forward "in Spirit and in truth."  

There are large numbers of people who believe Jesus of Nazareth was born, grew up like an ordinary person, and then one day decided He would "start a new religion."  People who think so are  focusing too much of their attention on this small planet and not enough on the pure majesty and power of  God.  The Christ of God is not an entrepreneur.

God has faithfully declared the full end of all things in this present, messed up world.  He has promised to "make all things new."  Those who turn to Him are regenerated by His Spirit and receive new life and beauty for the ashes of their inevitable mortality.  God Himself has walked among us as a man.  In His manifestation as Jesus of Nazareth, God willingly gave His mortal life to prove His promises are true.  The Christ is no founder of any mere "religion."  The Christ is God-incarnate.

Nay-sayers often belittle the good will of God in Christ because God allows the religion of "christianity" to exist--with all of its perversion and excess.  Not to mention the excess and perversion of every other religious institution. 

Whatever people choose to do with the freedom God gives to all people is between each individual and God.  God is not enforcing a system of corruption.  He allows people to live by the choices they make.  It doesn't take much imagination to dream up feisty condemnations of any institution organized by mankind.  It's something else again to try and see almighty God for who He is.

Believe it or not, the most high God knows how to make an immaculately clean sweep of anything that troubles His peaceful good will.  Appreciating His continuing tolerance and good will toward men begins with understanding that all true worship of God on planet Earth is now undertaken in Spirit and in truth and not in the public view. 

Appreciation for being alive begins in the perfect secrecy of God's Spirit and truth that He sent into this world in the form of His Christ-manifestation.  There is nothing 'religious' about God.

This page was created on March 18th 2002.