Obsolete Flesh
Without the Breath of Godís living Soul to quicken its life, the atomic body of human flesh would be another animal body; animal and without sense. There would be no days; only light and darkness. There would be no recipes of delightfully prepared food; only the pain of hunger and the ruthless necessity of relieving that pain. There would be no love or understanding of love as a supernatural characteristic of God; only the yowling urgency of unrequited desire.

The animal agony of atomic flesh is evident in every passing instant. Somewhere, someone is suffering now. Somewhere, someone is dying. The animal herds go docile to their slaughter. And of them all, only the adam-species is called "a living Soul."

The living Soul, in its body of flesh-on-Earth is subject to an articulated experience of joy, sorrow, trouble, pleasure, and pain. The Soul's experience of life-in-flesh on Earth concludes with the most mysterious and terrifying experience of all:  Death. Of all the creatures inhabiting the Earth, only the peculiar adam-species has any awareness of its own impending Death.

Until God launched forth in one of these atomic vessels, (i.e. a body of atomic flesh), Death and the fear of death ruled life on planet Earth.
  The knowledge of good and evil has made a corpse of everything that lives in the Earth.  Soul-consciousness corrupted by the powerful spiritual knowledge of good and evil, even now causes an unwary Soul to disbelieve the supernatural truth of God, His Christ, His Spirit and His evil prince, Lucifer.  So will it be until this present Age of Grace is fully consummated. 

By Himself, in Himself, God-manifest as The Christ-man in the atomic form known as Jesus of Nazareth has indeed rectified the imbalance of powers that have rendered obsolete the unregenerate flesh of this old world.  God created the adam-species to be free.  Those in this day who choose to disbelieve almighty God are perfectly free to do so. 

The Christ of God raised a glass of wine and said, "This is the new testament of my blood which is shed for you."  That great Declaration and His willing sacrifice of His own mortal body has set the corruption of evil prince Lucifer at nought.

The animal world and the atomic world are one-in-the-same to this day. But the fullness of eventful time already contains a prophecy of immense portent: "Behold! I make all things new."  Jesus of Nazareth returned to this life from Death.  People who disbelieve that He did are on the path that leads to weeping and gnashing of teeth: the animal world of living Soul destruction.

This page was created on March 14th 2002