The Product of Evil, The Church & The Rapture
The Earth and its universe are instinct with the very life of God.  In all of this particular creation, only man-kind has been given the distinctive character of God's Mind.  It is the Mind of God in the living Soul of man that distinguishes the man-kind from every other kind of creature on Earth.  Whether or not a citizen of to-day's world chooses to make these factors an important part of their living experience is, in itself, a reflection of God's essential character.  God Himself makes choices.  For man-kind, the experience of living is an experience of making choices.  No one is absolved from the compulsion to choose.  Making choices is an indispensable action of human life.

Animal-consciousness of life on Earth is not concerned with refinements of civilization.  Animals don't give a damn about going to the opera, reading poetry, or having a beer after work.   The lower animals of the Earth do not make choices but rather follow instincts.  Animals discern nothing of what is good and what is evil in this old world.  Animals don't feel guilt or remorse.  Animals don't know anything about "hope" or "love."  Animals don't know anything.

Through His prophet, Isaiah, God described the fullness of His infinite creativity:  "I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things."

No one with any sense doubts that evil exists in this old world.  There are many popular ideas about why it should be so.  It's so because that's the way God wants it to be.  If God did not want evil to exist, there would be no evil.  Period.  Almighty God "makes peace and creates evil" according to His determined purpose. 

Some people choose believing many things that simply are not true about God, about good, and about evil.  It's their choice.  God Himself has chosen to establish goodness and destroy evil.  Does this mean that God is destroying Himself?  Pft!  God is not evil any more than God is love.  God is God.  If God decided to do away with the Earth and its universe and erase every atomic scrap of this old and troubled world then there would be no man-kind to ask a lot of foolish questions or purport endless streams of silly theories and philosophies. 

It is evil to think of almighty God as someone or something other than He has described Himself to be.  It is evil to think that God could not or did not choose to have mercy on a near-dead bastard infant as described in the sixteenth chapter of Ezekiel.  It is evil to think that God did not begin with that bit of blood-crusty human life and from there build the final revelation of Himself in this world through His Christ-manifestation, Jesus of Nazareth.  It is evil to believe that God Himself has not walked the Earth as an ordinary person saying and doing the most extraordinary things ever said or done in this old world.

Almighty God makes evil and has declared that He intends to destroy the evil that He has made and establish a kingdom of peaceful goodness.  It is unmistakable that the potential for evil is a clear and present danger in this old world.  The supernatural antidote and protection against evil that God has established for man-kind is to be found only in "the way, the truth, and the life" of God's eternal Christ and only begotten Son, Jesus of Nazareth.  People can choose to believe anything they like.  But there is only one correct choice.  

Despite the denominational confusion of so-called "christianity;" despite the confusion of every other theology, doctrine, and ritual of every "religion;" the unity of that supernatural entity that Jesus Alone named church is being formed.  His work will be finished no matter what the evil imagination of the ordinary man-kind may devise to the contrary.  Jesus says, "Trouble must come.  But woe to him that brings it." 

Jesus of Nazareth says, "I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it."  In that declaration, every other form of religion and worship ever conceived in the darkling imagination of unregenerate human flesh began to be driven from the Presence of God.  The "church" is a supernatural entity composed of numerous living Souls.  The prayer of Jesus contained by the 17th chapter of John tells the tale of yet-to-come:   "Holy Father, keep through your own name those whom you have given me, that they may be one, as we."

The prophecy of the so-called "rapture of the church" is true.  Human imagination staggers in trying to imagine such an event.  But to think it cannot happen is the same as thinking that God did not create planet Earth and its starry universe.  Evil chills the heart, darkens the mind,  shrivels the imagination.

When the day and the hour of the so-called "rapture" have come and gone, life on planet Earth will become an experience of concerted evil.  God will loosen the reins of His evil in this old world.  Those of man-kind remaining on the surface will retain in themselves that same mind of God which allowed them to choose thinking, believing, and living as if there is no God.

Where there is nothing of God's goodness to restrain those who embrace the evil that God has made, there will be a world of evil which may have once had a certain appeal while it was cloaked in the various disguises that men invent to disguise their evil deeds.  When the disguise is ripped away and the facts of God's unrestrained evil and wrath-against-evil is revealed, it is said that those humans remaining on the Earth will "gnaw their tongues for pain and beg the mountains to fall upon them."

As these words are being written on a morning in March of 2002, every living Soul in this old world has the opportunity to opt out of whatever evil they may have chosen to embrace.  God is longsuffering and merciful.  He says, "I take no pleasure in the destruction of the wicked.  I am not willing that any of you should perish.  Turn to me and I will turn to you."  Turning to God is not a religious act.  Turning to God is a blood-and-guts act of the will; the will to think, understand, know, and choose turning to Him in a whole-hearted, passionate action of Spirit and truth.  Everything that God does and continues to do in all the wide world of this present creation has been accomplished "not by might, not by power, but by my Spirit says the LORD of hosts."

In His great mercy, God has made planet Earth a world of second-chances.  Those who choose to second-guess almighty God do so at their own peril.

This page was created on March 3rd 2002.