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Kingdoms of Dust
Building the apparatus for flying people to the moon and back is quite an accomplishment.  Extreme difficulties presented by the field of gravity and the hostile environment of space make the feat of landing men on the moon one of human history's most notable events.  

An unwary Soul may be tempted to believe the inventive ingenuity of man is potent enough to conquer any problem.  Why, all it takes is time, money, and the collective concentration of human intellect.  Politicians and secular poets like to call it "the indomitable human spirit."

At this writing the year is 2002 A.D.  For those who don't know, the "A.D." stands for anno Domini which is Latin for "the year of our Lord."  The date of today is reckoned from the approximate date Jesus of Nazareth was born.  The best timekeepers put that date at some time in the fall around 2000 years ago.

So now it's 2002 A.D.  We've landed men on the moon and brought them alive back to planet Earth.  Some would call the days of the moon-landings "ancient history."  Maybe so, from one perspective.  But from another perspective, the moon-landings happened only a moment ago.  Compared to the size and complexity of the Earth and its universe, science and technology are in the infancy of development.  

History tells of many great kings who promoted their respective kingdoms as the one that would last forever.  Those kingdoms are now dust.  The modern twist on that old racket is to promote "the indomitable spirit of man" as the driving-wheel of perpetual motion and ever-increasing productivity.

The spirit of man may be indomitable but mankind is quarrelsome and always spoiling for a fight.  We live in a troubled world.  Jesus of Nazareth called it "the darkness of this world."  Now for 20 centuries people have been perfectly free to choose (or not) "the glorious liberty wherewith the Christ has set us free."  For approximately 2000 years the global majority of indomitable people have chosen "not."

The living Soul of a human person comes to Earth in a body of atomic flesh.  The Christ of God came to Earth and became Incarnate in precisely the same way.  An ordinary living Soul is hardly aware of its own existence.  Without an overwhelming infusion of supernatural enlightenment, the living Soul withers into the slavery of insatiable desire burning in the dying body of its flesh.

In a similar body of flesh, the Christ of God managed to do what no other human being could have ever accomplished.  He, alone, conquered the otherwise indomitable incorrigibility of insatiable human flesh.  To seal the bargain that His hard labor and life's blood bought and paid for, Jesus said, "I will send you my Spirit, even the Spirit of truth.  He will lead you into all truth and show you things to come."

A lot of the stuff people take for "truth" today has as much stay-power as any one of those ancient kingdoms of dust or the present craze for "the indomitable human spirit."  There is no such thing as a "human spirit."  There is the Spirit of God quickening the Soul of mankind in Christ.  Outside that field, there is darkness, chaos, weeping, and gnashing of teeth.  The Imprimatur of God in Christ keeps the order of these passing days.  When that Imprimatur is removed, time itself will be dramatically changed.  And "the indomitable spirit of man" will be hastened further in its return to the dust of its curious origin.

This page was created on February 9th 2002.
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