Outside The Box
In every age of civilization, the stormy advance of human culture is carried forward by ideas and intentions that people choose to put into action. Rarely do intentions and results match each other perfectly. Diplomacy and compromise are necessary. Individuals and nations of individuals try to settle differences between them in order to live peaceably. The art of diplomatic negotiation is imperfect at best. Often there is war. Contracts, treaties and other instruments are devised to help people keep their word with each other. But the battlefields and the courtrooms of this old world have a steady traffic of contestants who say their opponent "didnít keep their word."

One person has walked the Earth who actually did do everything he said he would do. That person is Jesus of Nazareth. And there is one thing Jesus said He would do that trumps any other claim made by every other person who ever lived in this world. That one thing is encoded with these words: "No man takes my life from me. I lay down my life willingly. My heavenly Father has given me power to lay down my life and to take it up again."

Jesus claimed He had the God-given power to "come back to life." When He made the claim, no one understood what He was talking about. Until Jesus came, Death ruled. Death was final and irrevocable. Jesus said He would overcome the power of Death and that is precisely what He did.

The Christ of God did not enter the stream of human history to start a "new religion." His declared purposes and accomplished actions were designed to demonstrate His God-given authority and power over every atomic particle in this universe and, most especially, to make it plain that Life and Death themselves are His to wield as He, Himself, is in the Wield of His Father.

Disputation, outright denial, prevarication, and excuse-making are finally inexcusable when it comes to the consideration of The Christ-man.  Shortly before He laid down His life, Jesus raised a cup of wine and said, "This is the new testament of my blood which is shed for you." The result of that blood-covenant is now being accomplished in the living Soul. 

People who pride themselves on their ability to "think outside the box" should do whatever they must to raise their heads above the excelsior and get a whiff of whatís really goiní on.

This page was created on March 11th 2002.