Tweak & Fiddle
Most people don't believe it but it doesn't matter because it happens anyway:  Satan does his worst.  Satan-lucifer is an evil prince in the eternal courts of almighty God.  His days are numbered.  But at this writing (February, 2002), Lucifer has a certain standing in God's Presence.  With that standing come certain rights and privileges here on Earth.  Be assured that Satan exercises his limited rights to their uttermost limits.

Those limits are, of course, imposed by God the Father through the power and authority that the Father has invested with His Son.  His Son is the Christ of God.  On planet Earth, the Christ goes by the name Jesus of Nazareth.  Most people don't believe that, either.  But it does not matter because it's happening anyway.

The living Soul is an eternal life-form housed in a structure of decaying atomic flesh.  Satan-lucifer is also an immortal.  Satan has existed for longer than any other Soul on Earth to-day.  And Satan knows more about the character and construction of the Soul in its atomic temple than all the people of to-day's world put together.

All of the liberties that God allows His evil prince to exercise involve the absolute, supernatural forces of Life and Death.  Prior to the adventure of Christ-incarnate, the very keys of Death and Hell were in prince Lucifer's God-given possession.  With His penultimate and superior power and authority, Jesus the Christ of God took those keys out of Satan's possession.  Satan-lucifer retains some standing in God's Presence but his right-to-act is being incrementally and inexorably diminished.  Lucifer's days are numbered.  Eventually he will have no standing at all in God's Presence.

For the past 2000 years, people in this old world have enjoyed a very high level of security and comfort.  Religious and political terrors and much racial cruelty has darkened the tale of secular history during the past two millennia.  Man's inhumanity to man is lamentable.  But the cruelties and horrors of life on Earth before the coming of Christ make the past 2000 years' troubles look pale by comparison.

The mythical reports of that world tell of strange beasts, evil spirits, and complicit mortals who willingly consorted with Lucifer and his minions.  Most people to-day don't believe it but what they believe doesn't matter to anyone but themselves.  This old world has seen days so dark with evil, the human imagination recoils in disbelief.  Disbelief doesn't make it not-true.

Since Jesus established "the new and living way" to escape the remaining evil that continues to plague this old world, times have been better.  But most don't believe it.  The actions of "man's inhumanity to man" throw up an effective smoke screen of temporal deception.  The master-magician's first trick is always misdirection of the mortal's attention.

Lucifer can't do the worst of what he once could do before Jesus of Nazareth did what He did.  But the sad and horrifying truth of the matter is that Lucifer is still allowed to tweak and fiddle amongst the supernatural realms of thought, emotion, and desire.  The unwary Soul believing there is any alternative protection from Satan-lucifer's incursions other than Christ by His Spirit is suffering needlessly.  Most people don't believe it, but it's happening.


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This page was created on February 24th 2002.