The Supernaturalist

Audacious Truth
There is one truth that cannot be proven by scientific testing or logical reasoning and that one truth is God.  His Divine Majesty and eternal Character exceed any earthly standard of "truth."  Men question God.  Some impertinent men may question even the very existence and life of God.  But God Himself is unquestionable.  Without God's upholding Spirit, this atomic earth-universe would instantly collapse into nothingness.

God made a manifestation of Himself in the man called Jesus of Nazareth.  Jesus of Nazareth did works and said words and established Himself as Most Unique in a large field of unique personalities.  There are approximately 7-billion people alive today on the Earth's surface.  Each of those persons is a unique specimen of humanity.  Of all those who are alive today along with all the unique personalities who have ever passed through this mortal world, Jesus of Nazareth is now and always will be The Most Unique.

The tale of Jesus' walk through this world is well-known.  Though He could have defended Himself with legions of mighty angels, Jesus of Nazareth allowed Himself to be arrested and executed by jealous religious leaders and henchmen of a corrupt government.

Before His arrest, Jesus of Nazareth made Himself available for daily interviews with religious leaders, civic spokesmen, and ordinary citizens.  During these interviews, Jesus said and did those kinds of things which make Him the unrivaled Champion of Audacious Speech and Behaviour.  Who in this world but Jesus of Nazareth would have ever conceived of saying "I am the truth.  I am the way.  I am the life.  No man comes to the Father [God] except through me."

The record and report compiled by those who had close encounter with Jesus is now known as the New Testament.  The true "new testament" was established by Jesus Himself with these words as He lifted a cup of wine:  "This is the new testament of my blood which is shed for you."  The "you" in that declaration is a collective pronoun referring to any-and-all of this old world's population who choose to embrace the audacious hope of the living Christ.

The year at this writing is 2002.  The confusion of earthly religion is now a deadly game of suspicion, accusation, and violence.  Questions about "god" are unending.  Even so, God Himself is unquestionable.  God is not allah.  God is not buddha.  God is our Father.  The doctrines and theologies of humankind have no bearing on the character of God.  There is nothing "religious" about God.  Jesus of Nazareth said, "When you have seen me, you have seen the Father."  Religious people wanted to kill Jesus for saying such a thing about Himself.  

In His final briefing to those remaining with Him at the end, Jesus said, "Be of good courage.  I have overcome the world.  I will send you my Spirit, even the Spirit of truth.  He will lead you into all truth and show you things to come."

So even as this old world's atmosphere becomes more polluted every day with the gaseous interrogations of those concerned more with their own opinion than with Truth Itself, the Truth Itself is unchanging and unquestionable.  Jesus of Nazareth said, "I am the truth."  He supported His declaration with actions that proved it was true. 

Anyone on Earth can question the veracity of the New Testament report.  Questions, answers, trial, and error are the ways of teaching and learning in this old world.  For some time, teaching and learning were respectful in the pursuit of truth.  Now the times are changing and the "pursuit of truth" has become less an action and more a trite phrase of political expediency.  The wise know truth is a living entity of eternal character.  The supernatural vitality of the Living Truth is unassailable.

This page was created on February11th 2002.