The language used in these pages is not specialized.  It is not technical language.  It is not language that religious scholars use in their professional discussions.  The language of  The Supernaturalist  is ordinary.  However, the implication of  thoughts  described by this ordinary language may, at first, produce some discomfort in the lives of those Souls who have been steeped in this old world's pot of traditional, ritualistic, humanist religion. 

The Supernaturalist  knows there is nothing "religious" about the living God.  The implication of this knowledge is a direct challenge to the spiritual corruption that Satan has produced in his dominance of the flesh-cosmos.   The wise Soul will read these pages determined to think freely.  And to remember, Satan's greatest illusion is set in the hearts and minds of those Souls who believe "there is no such thing as 'the devil' let alone an 'almighty god.'"

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