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Informed Thought
Without God's intervention through His Christ-Spirit, human thought will remain a confusion of good and evil.  

Psychological and psychiatric research cannot solve the riddles presented by the knowledge of good and evil.  The greatest, most prodigious intellectual capacities of humankind are stumped by the knowledge of good and evil.  The knowledge of good and evil is ancient, supernatural information.  The story of how this information came to be on planet Earth is told in the book of Genesis.  

The 5000-years old book of Genesis describes many mysterious people and things.  All of these descriptions are important.  None are more important than the information concerning the knowledge of good and evil. 

Many people today suppose the knowledge of good and evil is understandable in terms of  "right and wrong,"  Many are convinced that "good and evil" are inventions of human behaviour.  A great many people simply refuse to accept the  fact  that "good" and "evil" are not modes of human behaviour but, rather, influences of supernatural power in human experience.

The knowledge of good and evil  is a set piece that God Himself created and placed in a certain spot on planet Earth.  In one terrible instant, this supernatural piece of knowledge was removed from its place through human intervention.  From that single instance of human intervention, the knowledge and supernatural influence of "good" and "evil" have spread to every corner of the globe.  

There will be no solution to the global confusion of humanity until God, the One who  "makes peace and creates evil"  finally sorts it all out.  Two-thousand years ago, God made a manifestation of Himself on Earth in the form of a man named Jesus of Nazareth.  In Person, God announced His Determination to establish His Good and disestablish His Evil.  

From the humanist perspective, it is a paradoxical quandary.  God wields absolute power (creative and authoritative) over the supernatural forces of His Good and His Evil.  God revealed this to His prophet Isaiah (Isaiah chapter forty-five, verses five through seven).  But humans (vain as they are) suppose their notions of "god" to be more factual than God Himself.  Quandaries of humanist philosophy, humanist theology, and humanist religion are manufactured from the whole cloth of humanist supposition about the Character of Almighty God.  Self-centered humanism comes disguised in many convincingly spiritual forms.  The Good and The Evil of God's Creation are the two great spiritual powers inspiring all behaviour in the living Soul of humanity.  Until the people of Earth are willing to accept these plain facts at face-value, a confusion of faces will prevail.

It is tempting and easy to think the powers of "good and evil" are perceptible according to the laws of ordinary sensory perception.  They are not.  What is perceptible are the words and actions of human behaviour inspired by the power of "good" or the power of "evil."   Physical powers of perception aided by prowess of human intellect are not powerful enough to unravel the paradox of "good and evil."  

Good and Evil are spiritual powers made discernable to the living Soul by God Himself through His power of enlightenment. God is willing (and able) to help any living Soul who is sincere in secretly praying, "Lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil."  

If the spiritual powers of "good and evil" were visible to the naked eyes of all mankind, the gates of heaven would be stormed with urgent prayers for deliverance.
This page was created August 1st 2002.