Atomic Jesus Supernaturalist

The "If Only..." Syndrome
No Soul in human flesh can comprehend the fullness of its absolute need for God-in-Christ.  But every Soul in a body of human flesh is subject to moments of emptiness, loneliness, confusion, horror.  Amidst the beauty and wonder of existence on planet Earth, there is much suffering and pain.  It's tempting to imagine how nice things would be, "If only..."

The "if only" sentiments of human behaviour are the stuff of wishful thinking.  From humanity's perspective, the "if only..." syndrome is a bottomless pit of unrequited desire.  God has allowed the living Soul to retain its ability to discern between things that are "good" and things that are not.  But we learn at an early age that "wishing" something would happen doesn't make it happen.  Human creatures lack the power to influence matters with no more than a word.  If your wish is my command, there will probably be some sweaty, down-and-dirty work done before your wish "comes true."  

Jesus of Nazareth is the only man to ever fulfill the everyday "wishes" of ordinary people.  Plenty of bread and meat supplied as if by magic.  Water transformed into wine with nothing more than a wave of His hand.  Loved ones returned from Death.  People all over the world today know about the things Jesus did and wonder why they can't do the same.  The answer is simple but hard to believe.  Jesus of Nazareth was, and is, God Incarnate.  Lots of people don't believe it but their childlike unbelief makes no difference.  If God can't become a man, who can?    

The entertainment industry knows how alluring supernatural power can be.  There are many forms of casual entertainment today that use "the supernatural" as a basic premise.  Movies, computer-gaming, novels, role-playing, etc.  All of it answers the elementary human tendency for imagining how the world would be, "If only..."   Modern-day witchcraft and shamanism hearken back to ancient days.  Before God came and walked the earth as a man, magicians were considered "holy men" in many cultures.  Supernatural powers are not imaginary.  They do indeed exist. Hard-headed "realists" think supernatural, spiritual things are a lot of hooey invented by weak-minded Souls who don't have the guts to take this blood-and-guts world on its own terms.  The perspective of hard-headed realism is not an altogether incorrect point of view.  But everything that appears to be "real" has its foundation in spiritual realms.  Supernatural, spiritual things are the Providence of God.  

People who desire a more richly fulfilling appreciation of spiritual things should make their petitions to God through the Office of His Christ.  Humanistic "realists" don't believe God exists.  Self-seeking, self-serving witches and shamanists seek a short circuit to spiritual supremacy.  Humanistic realists harden their hearts and kill their own Souls by systematically refusing to believe that anything more than the strength of their own mind and hands could exist.  Modern magicians harden their hearts and kill their own Souls in their refusal to submit to the Absolute and Final Supremacy of God in His Christ Manifestation.  

The only way Existence can exist is God's Way.  The orbit and rotation of planet Earth around the Sun should be evidence enough.  Its perpetual motion is unexplainable by any form of human analysis.  God keeps planet Earth and its universe in order.  The Laws of Nature are God's Laws.  They are written in no book of mankind.

Old-time religion says, "God helps those who help themselves."  Ever since that phrase was coined, most have taken it to mean that someone who gets busy and stays busy is more likely to find favor with the LORD than someone who does nothing but whine about their problems.  A person taking action is more likely to find a solution to their problem than a whiner wallowing in his misery.  But helping oneself without consideration of God's Prior Intervention smacks of the foul rebellion raised by Satan.

God is the One Who upholds the "laws of the universe."  The Law of Gravity.  The Laws of Planetary Motion.  The Atomic Laws of Elementary Structure.  Things which compose the existence of the Earth and its universe along with all they each contain are created, set in place and upheld in their constant motion "not by might, not by power, but by my Spirit says the LORD of hosts."

That Spirit, spoken of directly in Zechariah is the same Spirit that Christ-man Jesus of Nazareth said He would send to "lead YOU into all truth and show YOU things to come."   The Christ-man's adventure is the final say for all the "If only..." in the world today.  

Things in this old world are not getting better.  Things are getting worse.  The gadgetry of science and engineering technology cannot forestall the inexorable corruption of the living Soul in its body of decaying, dying flesh.

The Christ-man made a way of escape from the certain death and destruction of this old world.  The Christ-man made Himself "the door" through which a Soul must walk to escape destruction.  But even a man laying down His Life is not enough for some.  For some, there is never enough.  For some, things will always be better, "If Only..."

This page was created 31 December 2004.