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Almighty God establishes His laws in the hearts and minds of His people.  Without the certain Presence of God's overall influence in this way, there's no telling how twisted the Soul-experience of living on planet Earth might be.  Even with the Spirit of the living God at work now in the hearts and minds of His people, the experience of living on the surface of planet Earth is marbled with violence, terror, corruption, and unceasing trouble.  

The horrifying violence and trouble are bad enough to convince more than a few people that God does not exist.  Their ideas and expectations of "god" are derived from personal standards of "peace, love, and happiness."

Reasonable people agree that living in a peaceful world is better than living in a violent, troubled world.  But trouble breaks out when people try to decide whose standards of peaceful happiness will prevail.  In today's world, humanistic philosophies of "peace" are shifty and relativistic.  Everyone wants something different even though they may think they all want the same thing.   

In this simmering stew of human desire for peace, one of the main ingredients is "religion."  Religion attracts sincere, devoted Souls.  Religion also attracts misguided zealots and conniving scoundrels.  "Religion" on Earth-2002 is now a confusing mass of contradictory claims.  The supernatural, spiritual facts of living on planet Earth are often obscured by clouds of  "religion."

Today, there are many religious orders, denominations, sects, splinter groups, and cults whose members seem to know for sure that they are "the chosen."   For reasons best known to themselves and God, more than a few people have the idea that their own particular brand of "god" is the only true way to peace and happiness.  Here in the first years of a new millennium, members of the human-creature species routinely confuse and terrify one-another with silly religious antics and violent religious actions to prove they are "god's people."

To settle this hash of perpetual trouble, Almighty God came to Earth in the form of an ordinary man.  This manifestation of God-in-the-flesh is an irrefutable supernatural fact.  It is a supernatural event that happened here in the so-called "natural world."  A world-famous, written record of the Christ-event tells a fair number of things God said and did as He walked among the people of Earth.  But to the day of this writing (31 October 2002) many people all over the world vehemently deny  the Christ-man's brief appearance.  It is a denial of the single most important and significant event to occur in human history.  

Immediately complicating these important spiritual matters is the fact of every living Soul being entitled and empowered by God Himself to have their own idea and opinion of what's "most important" in this world.  The universal freedom of choice makes one man's jewels another man's junk.  Differences in human opinion are created by the power of choice.  

Although some might argue the point, mankind does not operate by animal-instinct.  Some desires and urgencies of the human type are more difficult to resist than others.  But it is a fact that before human creatures act, they must think and then choose one (and only one) course of action from among the innumerable potentials they may imagine.  The quality and character of human life on planet Earth has always been a matter of choice.  To believe otherwise is disingenuous. 

God knows differences in human opinion exist. Those differences are created by the power of freedom to choose.  Freedom to make choices flows out from the supernatural gift of Liberty that God bestows on every living Soul.  The supernatural laws of Liberty are the best influences of God's Providence at work in the mind and heart of a living Soul.  The great gift of God's Liberty in a living Soul also contains the potential for Soul-destruction.  

There are more than a few people who now choose to believe that there are no such things as a "living soul" or a "living god."  The supernatural gift of God's Liberty in a living Soul becomes a deadly spiritual weapon.  Spiritually ignorant people seem to delight in wielding this weapon without mercy upon themselves; self-mutilation and destruction of a most subtle kind.

God is not willing that any Soul should perish but more than a few are choosing to do so.  God takes no pleasure in the destruction of the wicked but more than a few Souls are choosing the destructive path of denying the existence of themselves and their Creator.

Jesus the God-man is most important of all in human history because He,    Alone and in Himself,    worked out the Final Standards of goodness, peace, love, and happiness in this old world and in the world to come.  Of course, old-world religious leaders, political leaders, and cultural trend-setters (of then and now) have taken strong exception to the Absolute Sovereignty of God in His Christ-manifestation.  

2000 years' distant from the days when God walked the Earth as a man, it is easier-than-ever to dispute the existence of God-man Jesus.  Humanistic disputation and denial of Christ cut no road in the lively realm of absolute Spirit and truth.  Many a Soul today engages in the folly of trying to "kill" ideas and thoughts of God, His Christ, and His Spirit.  These misguided Souls believe they are doing themselves and their fellow-humans a "service."   Understanding is often obscured by clouds of "religion." 

Can men kill God or thoughts of God?  No.  Men can kill only the fleshy atomic bodies that contain the living Soul.  After men have killed the body, the Soul is out of reach. God prepared one of these mortal-atomic bodies for Himself and brought it into this world as the living Soul named Jesus of Nazareth.  From between the feet of woman, no greater Soul has ever come into this world.

Jesus of Nazareth, a man of flesh and blood, said things and did things that were unimaginable until He brought them to life.  Jesus of Nazareth made humanistic spiritualism of old-time "religion" look foolish and wicked.  Religious leaders hated Him and tried to kill Him.  Playing out their villainy like actors on a stage, religious leaders of old Jerusalem got  the mortal-atomic body of Jesus nailed to a Roman cross.  The Jesus-body hung there until the Jesus-body was dead. 

Men know how to kill mortal-atomic bodies in a variety of imaginative, terrifying ways.  In this old world, Death is a profitable business.   In this present world of easy and commonplace death, the person who possesses power to bring a dead-human atomic corpses back to life would possess the most desirable kind of "power" known to man.  In this present world of Death, the man (male or female) who had power over death would be the most powerful person in the world. 

God is God and He can do whatever He chooses. God chose to make a spectacle of Himself in the form of an ordinary man.  As an ordinary man, God-incarnate did nothing but good things among the citizens.  Jesus of Nazareth lived an earthbound life of faultless perfection.   Power beyond the power of humans to imagine is required for the achievement of unerring perfection.  It takes a leap of Faith to understand that in Jesus of Nazareth, God's Christ made an exhibition of the prototypical living Soul outfitted for the world to come.

More than a few Souls (of then and now) are enraptured with the decaying powers of this present world.  The present world of death and decay is filled with terror and trouble, but at least the terror and trouble can be seen with the eyes, felt with the fingers, heard with the ears, smelled with the nose, and tasted with the mouth.  Never mind that these sensory experiences are of decaying atomic quality.  Rush past the fact that every atomic thing in this present world-construct is eventually annihilated.  The sensory prison-house of so-called "electromagnetic energy" drains the courage and oppresses the being of many a living Soul.  

To more than a few living Souls on Earth today, the Leap of Faith into the supernatural power-grid of the world to come is even more terrifying than the sudden violence and bloody death of this present world.  The dilemmas of this present Age are relentlessly driven by the power of choice.  

Before His atomic body was killed, Jesus foretold the precise order and character of events leading to His trumped-up execution.  God Alone knows how to bring dead bodies back to life  And that's what God did with the body of Jesus.  He brought it back to life on Earth to prove that He Alone has the knowledge, the know-how, the power, and the wisdom to make unerringly perfect decisions and to perform altogether complete actions based upon those decisions. 

The goodness and perfection of the Christ-man are now being written into the hearts and minds of His people.  In the Absolutely Final Analysis of the human situation, it will become crystal-clear to all concerned that "God's people" are those human creatures who finally figure out that the human condition is actually a supernatural work-in-progress.  This work-in-progress is typified and displayed in the Christ-manifestation.  Wise Souls understand the pure irreverence and joyful irreligiosity of the Christ-man, Jesus of Nazareth. 

The misery and terror and indecision which have plagued mankind since Day One is deeply rooted in the vainglorious abuse and misuse of "the glorious liberty wherewith Christ has set us free."  Trouble comes into the experience of any living Soul whose carefully nurtured sense of   hubris   deceives them into believing they can survive without the humiliation of "worship in Spirit and in truth."

More than a few human creatures believe they are above humiliation.  In their   hubris   they believe further that God Himself does not  exist.  It is an ultimate denial of one's essential identity.   Refusal to visit the experience of God's humiliation in the perfectly Secret Office of Prayer fuels the engines of Soul-destruction.  Pride-of-life combined with humanist religious practice deceives many a Soul into thinking of God's Christ-Spirit as an "embarrassment" to their humanistic intellectual prowess. 

For the moment, people who choose to remain spiritually ignorant are perfectly free to do so.  But ignorance is not bliss.  This old world of terror and death is a surrealistic testimony of willful ignorance and prideful disregard of essential spiritual things.

This page was created on October 30th 2002.
Atomic Jesus Supernaturalist