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The Shame of All Flesh
The shame of  ALL humanity is endemic, apparent, and lively in every passing hour.  The infant and the oldster are equally shameful in more secret ways than 10,000 skilled psychiatrists could ever decipher in a trillion lifetimes of deep analysis.  'Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay down deep, every living Soul feels the shame of its decaying humanity.  But the horror of this rampant and universal shame is too much for a single living Soul to bear.  And so we lie to ourselves and to each other and dream our fitful dreams of "a better world" where all people live in peace; as if it would be possible for the shame-covered human race to deliver itself from the monstrosity of insect-like civilization that has been built, one nail at a time, over human history's troubled years.

The Christ-man, Jesus of Nazareth, bought and paid for the shame of us all with the price of His Blood.  The Blood-Covenant of Christ has been offered to all mankind in the Herald of Christ:  "Glory to God in the Highest and on Earth!  Peace!  Goodwill toward men!"  More people than not think the Christ of God and the herald of His goodwill are a bit of religious fantasy.  Lots of people sincerely believe when it comes to thinking and talking about "god," one man's opinion is just as valid as another's.  To be sure, the Liberty of Christ as it is now expressed by God in the world of men entitles all men to hold whatever they choose to hold as "the truth."

But in point of spiritual and eternal fact, there is only one kind of Truth.  Truth itself is found, focused, centered, kept lively, and will remain forever settled within the purview of God's Christ.  The Christ-man declared Himself once-for-all in saying what is quite likely the most audacious statement ever uttered by a human tongue:  "I am the truth, the way and the life.  No man comes to God (the Father) except through me."

Whatever it is that enables a living Soul to see the inevitable certainty of that audacious statement is a secret that God-in-Christ has sworn to reveal to anyone who worships "in Spirit and in truth."  The shame of all flesh is being overcome now, by God Himself, one Soul at a time.  

The information God makes public regarding action He takes on the Soul's behalf is information about His Spirit. There are a certain number of direct references to His Spirit made by Christ in Scripture.  Two of those may be pertinent here:  

1.  "Not by might, not by power, but by my Spirit says the LORD of hosts."  (Zechariah, chapter four)   
2.  "When the Spirit of truth comes, he will guide you into all truth. He will not be presenting his own ideas; he will be telling you what he has heard. He will tell you about the future."  (John, chapter sixteen)  

The visible cosmos of mankind exists now in a single moment.  Past-and-future days of human existence are invisible, unknowable, and unreachable by any means of human invention or contrivance.  No matter how powerful the program of risk-assessment may be, absolute certainty about past-and-future events is kept hidden from the eyes of men.  

For the past 2000 years, the solution for problems caused by the terrors of   uncertainty   has been marginalized and ridiculed as "religious ballyhoo."  Those who ballyhoo their own brand of religion and ridicule the religion of others would do well to remember that there is nothing particularly religious about the living God.  Almighty God needs no particular brand of humanistic religion to be Himself.  

People of planet Earth who have heard the new commandments of God's Christ are (for the moment) perfectly free to scoff and conceal their shame from the prying eyes of the whole human race.  But there is no person on Earth today who doesn't have plenty to be ashamed about.  Those who deny it are lying to themselves.  

The shame of every living Soul (including the shame of the Soul-creature who writes these words now) is naked and opened to the eyes of God.  And all of that overwhelming shame has been Immersed in the new and elementary substance known in this world as "the new testament of my Blood which is shed for you."  The blood of Christ is an entirely new element which spilled out of Eternity into the earth-cosmos when the Christ-man died.  This whole atomic universe began to spin in a new and different way when Jesus of Nazareth said, "It is finished."

Those persons of the present moment who choose to deny the facts of these supernatural certainties are toying with a Destiny that would not be chosen by anyone who found Courage enough to honestly face the shame of the flesh that has afflicted all humanity since the beginning of time.

This page was created on June 18th 2003.