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Horns Of The Dilemma & The Very First Lie
Desire for power, pleasure, money, and luxury is what built most of the human world of today.   The driving-wheel of  human experience is powered with the hot fuel of raw desire.

Nevertheless, the superstructures of human life on Earth are erected by choice, not chance.   As a rule, most people don't think too much about making choices until they have to make a hard one.  Having to make a "tragic choice" is one of the toughest actions any living Soul will ever undertake.  Sooner or later, everyone gets their shot at a "tragic choice."

In claiming "natural causes" as the power behind the choices people face, more than a few people are choosing to believe something that cannot possibly be true.  It's only a matter of time before Death proves the lie of "natural causes."  Lots of people have been taken with the idea that living on Earth is a material experience with mysterious spiritual overtones.  In fact, the exact opposite is true.  

Adultery is the material expression of a spiritual concept.  The spiritual concept spoken of here is known as " a lie."   Today, the word a-d-u-l-t-e-r-y is freighted with titillating sexual connotations.  Sexual liaison is only one form of adultery.  Adultery is a bottomless pit.  Adultery and lies are inseparable.  

The adultery of God's Soul in the the adam-species began with the high-flown enticement of The Very First Lie:  "Knowledge of good and evil will make a god of you."  Today (11 November 2002 at this writing) it is impossible for anyone to imagine how attractive that lie must have sounded when it was first told. 

People who choose to think The Knowledge of Good and Evil is not supernatural are doing a job on themselves.  In many ways, human life on planet Earth is  a world of living Souls carefully teaching each other to believe that a lie is not a lie.

Believing lies does not change truth.  Believing lies changes those who choose to believe that lies are not lies.  Or, that lies are truth.  Everybody in the world knows the difference between good and evil but nobody, except One, has ever been able to do anything about the constant dilemma of lies caused by these opposing supernatural forces. 

The Very First Lie made an adultery in human flesh that proceeds into the instant of this writing.  The One Exception to this universal adultery "was made flesh and dwelled among us.  He was tempted in all points as we are and yet He was perfect."  Jesus of Nazareth was (and is) God-incarnate, the supreme Commander of Good and Evil forces.  People who don't believe it are believing a lie and God Himself has made them perfectly free to do so.  The freedom of God's Liberty is not without responsibilities. 

More than a few people today believe Jesus of Nazareth is a "religious leader."  Many people make a point of ignoring the fact that God's Incarnate Christ totally demolished every system of "religion" that existed when He walked the Earth as a man. 

To believe a lie is not a lie is a choice that lots of people make.  Choices are forged in the fires of human desire.  The fuel feeding those fires was created to burn perfectly clean.  The fuel of once-perfect human desire was adulterated by The Very First Lie.  The result of that adultery was (and is) Death.

The work accomplished in the Earth by God through His Christ-manifestation began to heal the damage done to the living Soul by the shattering power of The Lie.  The necessity of Christ's Spirit in the earthbound experience of a living Soul cannot be overstated or overestimated because without Christ, the living Soul is bound for destruction.  And that's no lie.

This page was created on November 13th 2002.
Atomic Jesus Supernaturalist