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The Presence
Even though highly advanced, extremely powerful systems of thought and influence were displayed by Jesus of Nazareth, the presence of God's absolutely Sovereign power in His Christ was (and is) widely misunderstood.  During His tour of duty through this world, the Christ-man could have dispelled every doubt about Himself with dramatic displays of terrifying  power.  God did not come down and walk among His people to enslave them.  God came to Earth as a man to set people free.  

Humanistic concepts of  peace, power and authority require lots of men, machinery, and diplomatic maneuvering.   But the concentrated force and might of machinery and the power of humanistic minds can never completely penetrate the complexity of information that surrounds the living Soul on planet Earth.  The complexities of this atomic world and its universe are too intricate to be deciphered by merely human intellect.  Through His Christ, God demonstrated absolute control over every earthly element and its constituent particle/wave forms.  For instance, instantaneously transforming water into wine is no big deal if you actually   know  how to do it.

Since the days of Christ's incarnation, many people have been dangerously confused by erroneous, i.e., religious interpretations of God's Visit to planet Earth.  God needs no theology or religion of the human race to be Himself.  

The Christ-man's dramatic soliloquies, describing days that are yet-to-come upon the Earth, tell of a time when the option of choosing against Him and His eternal kingdom will be revealed for what it always has been:   a chimera of ignorance and evil rebellion on its face.

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The Supernaturalist