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New Blood in The Heart of The Earth
In today's world there is a tyranny of ignorance and outright disdain for the spiritual facts of living.  And even though Truth is the most spiritual of all the spiritual things known to man, several generations of the Earth's children have now been educated to believe the absurd proposition which says the only truth in this world is that there is no absolute truth.  

"Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world..." 

There are many people on Earth today who flatly deny the existence of a living Soul...which is to say they deny their own existence.  Their denial is found in the absence of "credible scientific proof" verifying existence of the Soul.  More than a few people believe "the truth" about existence in the natural world is found only in scientific theories and sets of mathematical equations.  

Truth is not a set of provable facts.  Truth is an unchanging, unified singularity.  Truth is a living entity of supreme power.  The most comprehensive description of  Truth known to man is this:  "I am the truth.  I am the way.  I am the life.  No man come to the Father except through me."  (John, chapter fourteen, verse six)   Those words were spoken by God when He walked the Earth as a man.  People who believe Jesus of Nazareth was not (and is not) God-incarnate are mistaken.

Truth itself cannot be affected by the lies that men tell themselves.  The effect of a lie is not the destruction of  Truth.  The effect of lies is the eventual destruction of the Soul.  Truth is an exquisitely articulated supernatural power.  No power in the heavens or in the Earth can change the character or the meaning of Truth.

The darkening atmosphere of terror created by lies, perversions, and violence in today's world won't be dispelled with new laws and more war.  Today's violence and the silky lies spun by its perpetrators are a spiritual phenomenon.  Without God renewing the Soul "in Spirit and in truth" the living Soul-in-flesh on Earth becomes a monster.  'Round-the-clock reports of  homicidal violence make a convincing case for being afraid.  Scientific skepticism makes it hard to believe that human creatures are inspired to act by forces of spiritual power issuing from " the heart."  

Many people in today's world think "the heart of man" is nothing more or less than an important muscle that pumps blood.  In the 17th chapter of his book, the prophet Jeremiah refers to the heart of man.  Jeremiah's description touches the supernatural character of the invisible heart in every Soul.  Jeremiah's prophecy reveals evidence of  supernatural forces at work in the "heart" of every Soul:

"The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?  I the LORD search the heart, I try the reins, even to give every man according to his ways, and according to the fruit of his doings." 

In the twelfth chapter of Matthew, Christ-man-Jesus acknowledged "the heart of the earth" as His destination during the 72 hours that passed while the atomic corpse of Jesus was kept under a close Roman guard.  In those 72 earth-hours, Christ-man-Jesus prevailed over spiritual terrors and perversions of the heart in the living Soul of mankind.  The Sovereign authority of God-in-Christ was established "in the heart of the earth" with a supreme Oath and a Blood Covenant:  "This is the new testament of my blood which is shed for you." (Luke, chapter 22)   

That Oath and that Covenant of Blood now stand between God and the people of planet Earth.  It is the "new testament."   God in Christ concluded every bit of the Old Testament Law in Himself; i.e. the flesh-and-blood body of Jesus.  Lots of people don't believe God would make an ordinary-looking man of Himself.  If God can't be a man, who can?  

In the old days, the only portal between God and mankind was focused in the Ark of the Covenant.  God extended Himself to the peculiar people of planet Earth through a super-complex system of laws and regulations centered around the Ark of the Covenant and the bloody sacrifice of animals by knife-and-fire.   Keep The Law and live.  Don't keep The Law and die.  The Old Testament was intricate, stern, and unbending.  The Christ-man-Jesus of Nazareth was (and is) God-incarnate.  He was (and is) the only Soul ever to "keep The Law" while inhabiting a body of this corrupted, decaying, dying atomic stuff called "flesh."

The religious and political leaders of old Jerusalem feared the power and popularity of Jesus.  These jealous men of Earth accused the incarnate manifestation of God with charges of sedition, sorcery, and blasphemy.  Of course the charges were trumped up. But in this old world, one must do whatever must be done to preserve one's position of  privilege.  In present-day Earth, (including the time of Jesus), serious challenges to the powers-that-be are often met with a summary execution of the challenger. 

The nineteenth chapter of John records the last words of Jesus before His Resurrection: "It is finished."  The Christ-man was talking about much more than His carnal existence being "finished" here on Earth.  Among other things, the Christ-man was speaking of the Old Law that He completely fulfilled and The New Testament He established.  In the instant Jesus of Nazareth "gave up the ghost," the quality of life on planet Earth was irrevocably altered in ways discerned "not by might, not by power, but by my Spirit says the LORD of hosts."  Those who scorn this spectacular alteration of human existence on planet Earth do so at their own peril.  So says God-incarnate:

"Whoever speaks a word against the Son of Man [Jesus], it will be forgiven him. But whoever speaks against the Holy Spirit, it will not be forgiven him, either in this age or in the one to come.   For as Jonah was in the belly of the great fish three days and three nights, so the Son of Man will be in the heart of the earth three days and three nights."

These are spiritual facts that cannot ever be "proven" by any scientific method or invention of mankind.  These "facts" are inseparable from the singularity of  Truth  that God Himself made incarnate as the man known as Jesus of Nazareth.  If these facts sound strange or impossibly "far out," it is not because the facts are false.  It's the willful ignorance of and disdain for spiritual enlightenment springing from the fountains of a deceitful heart.

The unique physical structure of the Christ-blood was (and is) an entirely new element that is not symbolized on the Periodic Chart of The Elements.  The characteristics of the Christ Blood Element cannot be measured by any scientific means.  The articulation and effect of the Blood Element and its Oath cannot be described in any scientific language.  The language of the heart and mind of a living Soul is not scientific.  It is a spiritual conversation taking place between the Soul and God Alone...secret, private, sacred.   

Only God Himself knows all the "reasons why" people on Earth find it so hard to believe that God made a public display of Himself as He walked the streets of Jerusalem and its suburbs. This manifestation of God on Earth has been widely publicized.  Why shouldn't it be?  Incarnate as an ordinary-seeming man, God-as-Jesus performed unprecedented, unimaginable, and unexpected works which demonstrated His Sovereign power and authority over every atomic element and every living entity (mortal and spiritual).  His works were accomplished, as always,    "Not by might, not by power, but by my Spirit says the LORD of hosts."  

In this old world, no proof that God gives of Himself will ever be proof-enough for those Souls whose earthy hearts embrace (as truth) the supernatural deceits of unregenerate desire.  "The fool says in his heart, 'There is no God.'"  

People whose deceitful hearts lead them to deny the existence of their own Soul and the Sovereignty of God cannot imagine how alone they actually are.  Hard-headed independence may serve well in the world of humankind.  But the watery world of humankind is a world of decay and death.   The atomic Earth is a planet of advancing decrepitude, violence, and global corruption.  Here and now (at this writing) time is running out for everyone and everything.   

The new testament of Christ's Blood established a parallel universe of eternal life alongside this perishing world of certain death.  Where the living Soul is concerned, it a matter of choice as to which universe a Soul will choose to inhabit.  The New Testament Blood of Christ rectifies the inequities of wicked deceit visited upon the Soul by its corrupted heart.  

The living and now-extant Spirit of truth is expressly promised   "to you"   by God-man-Christ  (John 14th chapter).   The Christ-Spirit enlightens the darkened heart and mind of any living Soul who turns (in secret) to God and learns "worship in Spirit and in truth," foregoing the taints of changeable religion and science found in the wicked and deceitful heart of every living Soul on Earth.

This page was created on October 12th 2002.