Atomic Jesus Supernaturalist

Impressive Buildings With Pretty Windows
Over time, people have formed attitudes, opinions, and beliefs about God.  Some are correct, some are incorrect.  Studying the so-called "history of religion" is a tedious exercise.  In it, the painful terror and ignorance of mankind become obvious to the discerning Soul.

In this present time of technological wizardry, the electric light disguises a kind of darkness that no device of man can dispel:  the dark, terrible fears of tiny creatures living beneath an overwhelming sky; creeping like so many insects over the surface of the pitiless Earth.  Nature is remorseless in its reduction of all things.  Death and decay are everywhere.

Mankind's most popular ideas about "god" have developed around the concept of a better world.  After the death-experience, the Soul journeys where?  Every religion, small or great, peddles its own brand of Paradise ruled by its own "god."

God Himself made a Manifestation of Himself in the form of a man named Jesus of Nazareth.  Around this Manifestation sprang up the religion called "christianity."  The institutions of modern "christianity" are now world-famous.  Opulent architecture, zealous devotees, leaders who are, by turn, kind and honest or cruel and corrupt.  The people and the institutions of "christianity" are not much different from those of any other popular religion.

The era of "christianity" began when God-man Jesus began turning all the institutions of old-time religion upside-down.  While doing so He said more than once that the religious traditions of mankind were keeping people from understanding God.

In the fourth chapter of John (an historical documentation of the Christ-man's doings) Jesus tells a Samaritan woman that The Order of Worship is changing.  At the time of this meeting, geographical places were integral to proper worship.  God-man Jesus says (to the woman) that the new Order of Worship is to be located "in Spirit and in truth."  Sometime later, the Christ-man shed some tantalizing light on the meaning of this portentous declaration with the most audacious claim ever made by anyone, anytime, anywhere on Earth:  "I am the truth.  I am the way.  I am the life.  No man comes to God except through me.  Come to me all who labour and are heavy laden.  I will give you rest."

Jesus of Nazareth built no buildings, wrote no tracts, raised no money for orphans, opened no soup-kitchens, kindergartens, grade-schools, or colleges.  The Man only walked around and talked about Himself, His people, and His God-given eternal kingdom wherein "all power and authority in heaven and earth are given to me of my Father."  That supreme power and authority extends into this present moment.

Since those days when God walked the earth as a man, the religion of "christianity" has taken its place among the religions of this old world.  Some people love "christianity."  Some people hate it.  Some people say it is the power of "christianity" that built Western civilization.  No matter what anyone says, "christianity" has become a big, big business.

The Christ of God did not descend into flesh-life to start up a successful religious enterprise.  God made the Christ Manifestation of Himself to re-establish the Good Order of His Eternal Kingdom on planet Earth.  To accomplish His Purposes in this matter, God-man-Christ-man Jesus of Nazareth ordained His Spirit as the Leader of His people.  "I will send you my Spirit.  My Spirit will lead you into all truth and show you things to come."  Some people in today's world think other people "have the spirit" and are, perhaps, capable of "giving the spirit" to someone else.

The fact is, nobody but God Himself knows for sure what His Spirit is doing now.  The present order of things is upheld as all things in heaven and earth are upheld:  "Not by might, not by power, but by my Spirit says the LORD of hosts." 

As these words are written, things remain the same.  Sunrise.  Sunset.  Wind.  Rain.  Storms.  Seasons.  Etc.  There will come a time when God will change the order of these things.  Sooner than later, God Himself will put an end to all kinds of "religion" including the religion of "christianity."  When the dust settles, whomever is left of mankind ought to understand, at least, that God is God and, as God, needs no religion to be Himself.

This page was created on September 20th 2003.