Atomic Jesus Supernaturalist

God Is Not Daddy. God Is Father.
The difference between all the Dads in the world and God the Father is that Dads are Dads and the Father is almighty God.  Jesus of Nazareth says, "Call no man on Earth your father.  Your Father is one who is in heaven.  When you have seen me, you have seen the Father."

The difference between all the words in this old world and the Word of God is that "the Word was made flesh and dwelled among us and we beheld His glory, full of grace and truth."

All the Daddies and all the words of the earthly kind are perishing.  Nothing can stop their decay.  Jesus of Nazareth says, "Heaven and earth will pass away.  My words will never pass away."

Earthly history is similar to eternal history except for the fact that nothing on Earth lasts forever.  Sooner or later, cataclysms of nature sweep the deck clean.  There is no telling what the wheels of nature have ground to powder in the process of time.

Archeology and geology are studies of material forms from the most immediate and accessible past.  But there is simply no way to tell how much "past" there is or what it contains.  Astrophysicists speculate about "billions and billions" of light-years but such huge quantities are practically meaningless.

The similarity between history on Earth and history in the Eternal Kingdom exists only in the efforts mankind makes to "remember their past."  The historical memory of mankind is spotty, confused, uncertain, and fading.  God's historical memory of all things is perfect and eternal.

In time, the past will swallow everyone and everything without leaving a trace of their passing.  In time, every atomic thing turns to dust and then vanishes completely.

All the Daddies of this old world who married wives and got themselves sons and daughters had to work hard to make life safe and comfortable for those who called him "Dad."  The eternal Father is constantly concerned with the people He calls His "children."  Jesus of Nazareth says, "Fear not little flock.  It is the Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom."

Sooner or later, all men fail.  In time, there is actually no such thing as "insurance against the future."  The past and the future are places where no human life exists.  Nothing on Earth lives in the future.  Nothing on Earth lives in the past.  Life on Earth exists in one place and one place only.  That place is now.

Here and now, (June 2002 at this writing) the supernatural powers of good and evil are present in every passing instant.  Human knowledge of these powers is superficial.  Without God intervening, human knowledge of good and evil will remain superficial.  God has promised to enlighten those who turn to Him "not by might, not by power, but by my Spirit says the LORD of hosts."

The convolutions of good and evil power mingle now with lethal effect in the living Soul.  Their mingled effect is so overwhelming, there are a great many who have spent (and are now spending) their life on Earth denying the very existence of their own immortal Soul.  

The Christ of God walked through the Earth as a man saying many things for the benefit of anyone yearning for something more than a brief life of luxury before Death finds them.

The Soul living on Earth to-day who claims to hope for a better day and a better way of living can take a fairly accurate gauge of that hope's sincerity in themselves with an honest self-appraisal of whom it is they think of first as their "father?" 

As the jaws of the past and the future are inexorably tightened around this old world, whose words give the Soul any sense of lasting assurance?  Your Daddy's?  Or your Father's?

This page was created on June 9th 2002.