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Good & Evil, Simply Explained
People who choose to believe that the forces of good and evil are not under the Sovereign Control of Almighty God are making a huge mistake.  The powers and forces of good and evil are creations that God Himself has created (see Isaiah, chapter forty-five, verse seven).  Good and evil are supernatural powers but the humanistic view of good and evil denies this profoundly simple fact of life.

Modern arguments about morality and ethics make good and evil behaviour seem more like involuntary actions of clever animals and not the response of a living Soul to overarching spiritual influences.  Action-on-the-ground comes to life through a Soul as expressions of influence that powers of good (or evil) may have in that Soul during any given moment.  Most people are able to resist the evil urgencies attending every instant of human life on planet Earth.  Who has never felt "the urge to kill?"  Denying the presence of evil impulse in daily life is dishonest.  

The conundrum of good-and-evil in human behaviour is as old as time itself.  The conclusive statement of God's Christ, "Without me, you can do nothing." is a direct reference to the earthbound Soul's inability to decipher the riddle of good and evil without direct intervention from God Himself..  When the Christ of God-incarnate says, "Without me, you can do nothing.", it is no idle boast or megalomaniacal fantasy.  It is a fact.

Many people find this final solution unacceptable.  More than a few are unable to acknowledge the plain fact that God Alone has created everything and set everything that exists into its present orbit of motion.  The supernatural fact of the matter is that God Alone upholds the present scheme of things and if this fact were not certain, nothing whatsoever (including the good and evil ways of mankind) could exist.  The powers that hold this universe (or any other universe) together are beyond the full comprehension of merely human intellect.

Powers of human perception (also created by God) have been seriously degraded by the knowledge of good and evil.  The tale of how this strange knowledge entered the cosmos of human flesh came through the Soul of a man named Moses.  Moses learned many secrets while he was on the mountaintop.  On God's Orders, Moses revealed these secrets to the rest of mankind:  how God had created the adam-species from "the dust of the earth;"  how the new species had "become a living Soul;"  how they had lived in the Garden of Eden;  the temptation and seduction of the female by the serpent;  and the terrible Curse and the fall of man.  The Genesis-epoch is familiar the world over-- mostly as a literary curiosity from ancient times--not as a factual report of our spiritual (i.e. supernatural) origin.  

The knowledge of good and evil described in the Mosaic record produces a conspiracy of incredulity in the earthly life of every living Soul.  Put simply, it is now somewhere between extremely difficult and damn-near impossible for a modern citizen to believe that all the perversions of all humanity could have begun in one certain place and in one certain instant.  The once-forbidden knowledge of good and evil makes more than a few people blind to the obvious fact that, without exception, everything in this present world has a beginning--and an end.  

The supernatural experience of Death levels the field of mere conjecture.  The Curse of Death is the punishment that God Himself pronounced over all the Earth as the penalty for mankind's misappropriation of the knowledge of good and evil.  Since the Curse of Death was first pronounced and the stream of time began to flow, the skin-and-bone simplicity of mankind's present predicament has been confused by the overwhelming knowledge of good and evil.  The simple solution that God offers to the present world is a manifestation of Himself in a new Blood Covenant.  The Christ-manifestation of God in the man named Jesus of Nazareth is now clouded with all kinds of mysticism, scientific theory, theology, doctrine, spiritualism, shamanism, witchery, ritual, tradition, and religion in general.

In these troubled days of spiritual confusion and religious corruption, it is extremely difficult for any living Soul to understand that there is nothing religious about the living God.  Why should there be?  God Himself has walked the ground of planet Earth.  In the form of an ordinary man, God Himself (as only God can) has rectified the grotesque field of good-and-evil corruption now prevailing in every particle of Death-cursed earthly flesh.  It is a simple proposition of the most profound kind.  To insure the validity of His new covenant with mankind, God Himself insured the new testament in His eternal Christ-manifestation.  The Christ-man is the Son of promise (see Isaiah chapter nine, verses six and seven) a.k.a. Jesus of Nazareth.  

To the day of this writing, the old knowledge of good and evil continues to snafu more than a few individual members of the Soul-inspired adam-species.  Even the inevitable moment of death awaiting every person is not enough to deter "the evil heart of unbelief."  The stubborn vanity of obdurate secular humanism has a beginning and it will have an end.

This page was created on March 23rd 2003.