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Freedom to Live or Be Destroyed

If the Almighty allowed every living Soul on Earth to clearly  see  the actual status of existence in this present world, there would be no Soul anywhere not in His service.  Why?  Because the actual status of a Soul's life-experience on planet Earth is more Death than Life.  Everything around here is dying and turning to dust.  Decay and degeneration are taking place in every instant that passes.  Death and destruction are two very convincing elements of a living Soul's existence on planet Earth.  Some people come to believe that death and destruction are the ultimate powers.  The silence of sunlight striking the Earth openly disguises the deadly violence of the sun.  Beautiful flowers shrivel and wither in the heat.  Every  thing  in this old world is bound for destruction.  It's hard not to believe there is no point to the existence of anything, anywhere, anytime.  

To make matters worse, the human world is a world of good and evil; a maelstrom of conflicted thoughts and desires.  Who can deny it?  From the cradle to the grave, a Soul's experience on Earth is jam-packed with hot desires, lurid thoughts and extreme emotions mixed with love and courage and hope of somehow, some way "doing the right thing."  Man-made laws and penalties were drawn up to keep honest men honest.  But now, the laws and the armies of police are less-and-less able to control the violence of the ancient conflict.  "Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world."  Believe it or not, every living Soul in a body of atomic flesh is a part of today's problems.  "There is none that do good.  No, not one."  There is only one solution:  God Himself in His Christ-manifestation.  God Himself has said many times and in many ways, "Turn to me.  I will turn to you."   Many people don't.  Few people do.  Voila!

As it is, God the Father maintains the Sovereign gift of His Freedom in the time-and-space experience of a living Soul on Earth.  God's Freedom is perfect.  Every Soul is charged with the right and the responsibility to use God's perfect Freedom as they will.  Many choose to follow paths of darkness, apart from the  "I am the way, I am the truth, I am the life," path in Christ Jesus of Nazareth.  Choosing not to live in the way of Life Itself is a choice.  Its result will ultimately invalidate the living Soul who chooses to believe the experience of  being alive  is not God-given and is not maintained in the Being and Presence of Himself through His Christ-Spirit.

God could certainly fix His Life in Souls on Earth.  God could end the bitter conflict.  God could fix it so there would be no choice but to serve Him like a slave.  In the final days of His walk through this old world, God-incarnate said these words:  "No longer do I call you slaves, for the slave does not know what his master is doing; but I have called you friends, for all things that I have heard from My Father I have made known to you."  In the moment those words were spoken, God made a profound alteration in the relationship that He Alone maintains between Himself and human creatures.  God has the power to make all mankind His slaves but does not do so because the essence of God's "image and likeness" in mankind is...Freedom!

Doubt, disputation, outright denial, and blasphemy against God's Spirit and truth in Christ are human actions motivated by the power of  choice.  People who choose to live as though God Himself does not exist are perfectly free to do so.  The horror of their decision is hidden now.   But the enormity of that decision can be felt like a shiver up the spine when the vainglorious presumption and spiritual ignorance prompting such a decision  are honestly contemplated.

This page was created on July 17th 2002.
Atomic Jesus Supernaturalist